Xaero’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Especially for new players, Minecraft can be a confusing place.  Most games come with some sort of mapping system that allows players to keep their bearings – without knowing the recipe for maps, however, doing so in Minecraft proves quite difficult.  Allow me to introduce Xaero96’s Minimap mod, the answer to all of your mapping prayers!




As you can see, this mod simply displays a map of the surrounding area in the corner.  Why is this helpful when you can already craft maps in-game?  Well, for a few reasons:


  • Maps do not actively update as you move from region to region.  Crafting new maps for each area you visit is tedious and a waste of resources.

  • Maps must be held up to your face to actually use them.  They are not practical for adventuring, and can be dangerous when trying to travel through areas with ravines, lava, or hostile mobs.

  • Minimaps are more intuitive.

  • Xaero’s minimaps display a variety of other information not recorded on a regular map.


With that said – let us take a look at the options available in this mod:




Here you can choose to have the map display players, different teams, dropped items, mobs, and even set a cap on the maximum number of mobs/items/players displayed.  Furthermore, you can adjust the zoom levels, choose to show the map when in caves, and even display miscellaneous objects (i.e. item frames).  The “edit mode” allows the player to move the map around on-screen, meaning that you can place it wherever you wish:




Aside from being incredibly useful, this map is also quite convenient – the zoom can be controlled with the I and O keys respectively, which can also be customized in the keybindings menu (as with most mods).


In summation: this map is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to navigate throughout their world with ease.  Honestly, after trying it out, I consider this to be an essential mod – no player should be without it.  There is a certain charm in having to navigate manually without a minimap, but after a while it is just annoying.  Go give this mod a download!


How to install Xaero’s Minimap Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10


  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge mod loader

  2. Download the latest version of Xaero’s Minimap.

  3. Hold Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or go to Start > Run.

  4. Enter %appdata% and navigate to your .minecraft/mods folder.

  5. Drag and drop the .jar file downloaded in step 2 into this folder.


What would you like to see in future versions of this minimap mod?  I would personally love to be able to customize colors and drag the corners to increase/decrease the size of the map.  Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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