WorldEdit CUI for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

WorldEdit CUI adds a special Client User Interface (CUI) to the WorldEdit tool. For those who don’t already know, WorldEdit is a popular in-game map editor for Minecraft. It can be used to build massive structures in both creative and survival mode worlds. It’s particularly useful for server admins who want to quickly and easily add new improvements into a world.

Although WorldEdit is an incredibly useful tool, some players might find its interface to be a little difficult to use. Specifically, many server admins find it difficult to visualize the changes they’re making in the in-game world. That’s why WorldEdit CUI is a popular tool – it allows players to easily see which part of the world they’re editing.

WorldEdit CUI reduces the number of errors that admins may experience while using WorldEdit. It also allows admins to create complex structures more easily than ever. Instead of playing guesswork with the WorldEdit tool, admins can immediately visualize the area that they’re editing.

The WorldEdit CUI tool is very straightforward. To use this tool, simply install the mod and it will automatically sync up with WorldEdit. Whenever you select a point in WorldEdit, the WorldEdit CUI interface will pop up.

How to install WorldEdit CUI for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download and install WorldEdit, ModLoader, and Single Player Commands (if you’re editing a single player world)

Step 2) Download WorldEditCUI from its official forum thread

Step 3) Unzip the file and follow the instructions in the install.txt file. Installation instructions will vary depending on what you’re using WorldEdit for (either multiplayer or single player).

If you need further installation instructions, watch this video:

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  • ist doch doch auf 1.3.2…

  • How do you use it

  • Sweet was looking for this thanks, tested and works

  • where is the accual world edit mod?



  • @9c0ae9e299af650b87de694b39790884:disqus @7d9e674f463e62ffb0b180e2f63b97cc:disqus if you are too stupid to figure out the mod, its your problem. not the site.

    • Actually, this mod does not work for what ever reason for me, but i do know how to get the same mod working with another method. If You got it to work, you more than likely know how to code java, which the common Minecraft user does not know how to do with a fan base made up of a majority of children and a minority of grown, working men who like to talk down to children as if they are stupid without having any prior knowledge of java and how the game works. I have gotten a version that works for lightloader and a version of the CUI that is compatible with the mod loader, but i have found not a single fix that that will make it work with modloader, nor forge. So before you go and comment saying those who do not know how to get something working that has not a single fix are “stupid” you should try to see if you can help somebody else by spreading your great and powerful wisdom instead of being ignorant and feeling superior because you are not, people who do that and live their life as so are the scum of the earth, and i will make a contribution and at least post what i did to remedy everyone else’s problems.

  • Jesus, idk why this site claims it works for 1.6.2 it doesn’t seem to work for me. any help?

  • Has anyone had any luck with this working for 1.6? I am really interested in using this for my builds please.

  • Has anyone had any luck with this working for 1.6? I am really interested in using this for my builds please!

  • I dont understand why it says 1.6 4 and you are installing worldedir cui on a old minecraft 1.8 beta.
    If it isnt for minecraft version1.6.4 why the fuck do you write on the site its for minecraft version1.6.4.
    I think its just for ppl to look at you stupid video

  • Does not work with current minecraft version 1.6.4. Bad advertisement! If anybody finds a working version, please direct us to the link. Thank you!

  • i wanna get dis mod badly 😛 😛 P 😀

  • where do i click to download?

  • Its a fake shit.
    Dont trust anything on this site.

  • Gives thet alsow for Minecraft 1.7.2?


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