WorldEdit Plugin/Mod for Minecraft

If you have never seen or used WorldEdit in all of its glory, you have not truly experienced Minecraft as a creative individual.  This tool has been available for years (since 2011, I believe) and I only recently discovered it – a fact which will endlessly upset me until I have atoned by making awesome worlds with it.




Essentially, WorldEdit is exactly what it sounds like – a world editing tool.  What is unique about WorldEdit is that you do not need to exit or shut down your server prior to using it – it can be used real-time, in-game, in a simple and intuitive way that makes the process both enjoyable and accessible.




As one might expect, this tool is absolutely enormous.  There is no feasible way I can cover even half of its features, so I will instead provide a brief overview.  To gain a basic understanding of WorldEdit, using this tool you can:


  • Copy entire sections of blocks from the world or schematic files, easily reproducing buildings, environments, or custom trees;

  • Flatten huge areas of land in seconds to make room for building projects, especially useful when first starting a server;

  • Quickly alter the landscape with artistic tools rather than placing single blocks individually;

  • Stop that accidental 200 block-wide lava and water flow you made while playing with TNT.


Remember that all of this is done in-game using mostly pre-existing Minecraft functionality, making it extremely easy to understand for new users.


Examples of Features in WorldEdit


What follows is an extremely partial list of some features available in this tool to help you gain an understanding of some of its specific capabilities:


  • //overlay – this command essentially “drops” blocks on top of the designated area.  This means that they will only appear in one layer directly on top of the surface.  This is particularly useful when trying to create a line of blocks on an uneven surface – for example, placing a fence along a bumpy hillside.

  • //move – moves the entire selected area any number of blocks in any direction.  This is a fantastic command for testing a contraption or building elsewhere before moving your final structure into a populated area.

  • //regen – mess up an area of your world that looked really cool at the start?  This command will revert it to its original state.  Does not work with pre-made worlds from third party software.

  • //sphere – generates a sphere shape filled (or hollow) using a block of your choice.  Can spawn with the player as the center or the extent of the radius.

  • //removenear – disposes of all blocks of a selected type in a radius extending from the player’s location.


Installing WorldEdit


This tool comes in various forms.  The most common, most compatible, and most updated form is the Bukkit plugin, used for servers.  In order to use this version in single player, one must employ the use of the WorldEdit Wrapper.  The Bukkit version works for all versions of Minecraft.


The Forge version is only compatible with 1.6.4.  Forge, CanaryMod, and LiteLoader all have versions of WorldEdit, but these will always be behind the Bukkit plugin.


Visit the official download page here, and choose which version you wish to download.


You can see more information at the official Wiki, which can be found here, as well as some videos of it in action here.  I know I’m pretty late to the party with WorldEdit, so if you have used it before, leave some comments explaining your experience with it.  I’m highly interested in learning more about how people use this!

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