Vanish53 Plugin for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Vanish53 promises to help players “vanish with confidence.”

That sounds like the motto of the Witness Protection Department, so what does it really mean in the context of Minecraft?

Vanish53 lets you disappear and stay hidden from other players. It’s specifically designed for server admins as a way to prevent player cheating, hacking, and griefing. If you suspect someone of wrecking your server when you’re not around, for example, then you can secretly join your server and spy on them.

Yes, it’s very NSA-esque, but it’s a great way to prevent bad people from wrecking thousands of hours of hard work.

Here are all the features included in Vanish53:

-Join your server silently and avoid detection by staying vanished

-Toggle your vanished state on and off silently. You can also toggle loudly and customize your effects and join/quit messages.

-Silently open chests and other in-game containers, and even right-click on players to silently view their inventories

-Peek into the Ender Chests of other players

Vanish53 comes with a wide range of customizable settings and personal configuration options. You can easily toggle these settings in-game and save your configurations for later use.

To access all Vanish53 commands, simply type in various commands. Those commands include:

/v (show your current state, either visible or hidden)

/v help (causes help display to appear)

/v flags (displays a list of changeable settings)

/v (on/off) (S/L) (changes your vanished mode from silent to loud and vice versa)

/v reload (reloads previous settings from disk)

/v ev {player name} (view the Ender Chest of a specific player)

This plugin is exceptionally popular. Lots of Minecraft server admins have to put up with griefing and cheating on a daily basis. The Vanish53 mod helps admins secure their property without the perpetrators ever knowing what’s going on.

How to install the Vanish53 Plugin for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download Vanish53 from here:

Step 2) Drag and drop the Vanish 53 .jar into your server’s plugins folder

Step 3) Start/Restart your server to create the Vanish53 directory automatically

Step 4) Once the Vanish53 directory has been created, you can use all of the vanish commands listed above

Vanish53 will automatically update itself when new versions are released. The plugin is currently in its beta stage, so you might find some minor glitches with the software. For the most part, however, Vanish53 is an awesome plugin.

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