UK Ordnance Survey Intern Creates 86,000 Square Mile Map of Great Britain in Minecraft – Download It Here

Great Britain is a relatively small country. However, when you start building Great Britain block by block in Minecraft, you’ll quickly realize exactly how large the country is.

That’s what a young employee of the UK Ordnance Survey recently did. Intern Joseph Braybrook spent the last two weeks of his life recreating the entirety of Great Britain inside the Minecraft world. And it’s all 100% geographically accurate (well, down to the nearest block anyway).

Braybrook created the landscape using Ordnance Survey terrain data. The total game world is 224,000 square kilometers, or 86,000 square miles. Which is a ridiculous amount of space.

As you’ve probably guessed at this point, Braybrook didn’t do this in Survival mode. He worked with the Ordnance Survey’s Innovation Labs team using free OpenData programs. These programs were able to automatically generate Great Britain using the terrain data.

great britain minecraft

Over 22 billion Minecraft blocks in total were used to create the game world. Unfortunately for those who want to escape into a virtual reality simulator, the actual cities of Great Britain were not recreated, although certain specialty structures have been added to the game, including:


-The Ordnance Survey’s head office in Southampton

-Hogwarts castle

The rest of the surface is overlaid with features like water, forests, and roads. In fact, the entire map was created using just nine different types of blocks. Motorways were made with diamond blocks, A roads were made with emeralds, B roads with pumpkins, minor roads with gold, water with water blocks, foreshore with sand, forest with leaf blocks, plains with grass blocks, and urban areas with brick blocks.

Of course, you can also create your own structures on top of the terrain. In fact, you can download the entire Great Britain map from the official Ordnance Survey website here. The download is 3.6GB uncompressed, although the compressed version is just 345MB in size.

Once you’ve entered the game world, you’ll notice that you’re in the Ordnance Survey headquarters. Walk out the front door, read the sign posts, and fly up into the air to explore Great Britain.

Here are a number of locations for you to explore along with their coordinates:

locations great britain map

Download the real Great Britain map today by clicking here (345MB) download

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