Turret Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

The Turret mod – simply titled ‘Turret’ – does exactly what you would expect: it adds a fully functioning turret to your game.

This turret is incredibly useful and once you’ve downloaded and installed this mod, you’ll wonder how you ever felt secure in your home without it.

Basically, Turret gives players the ability to add a powerful mounted gun to any fixed location – like your home. Players have complete control over the aim of the gun and can rotate the turret using movement keys. Holding shift causes the aim to move slower, making it easier to focus in on a particular target.

You can make your turret fire automatically using redstone, or you can press Spacebar when operating the turret. To help fight off your enemies, there are three types of cannonballs, including a regular cannonball that can break through two blocks, a piercing cannonball that slices through ten blocks, and a napalm cannonball that turns blocks into fire and bounces around, spreading devastating everywhere.

For maximum convenience, you can place the turret on a mine cart that has a chest in it. Otherwise, you’ll have to put the turret on a turret inventory block.

There are a number of different turrets included in this mod. You can expect to enjoy all of the following types of turrets:

-Tech 1 Turrets: The weakest and cheapest turrets in the game, Tech 1 Turrets have 10 hearts’ worth of health (20 HP) and deal low damage. They’re meant for beginner players and provide distraction when building higher tech turrets.

-Tech 2 Turrets: An upgraded version of the Tech 1 Turrets, Tech 2 Turrets have 20 hearts of health and deal a higher amount of damage per second. They are more expensive than Tech 1 Turrets.

-Tech 3 Turrets: High damage, high durability turrets that are more expensive than T1 and T2 turrets but have 30 hearts of health.

-Tech 4 Turrets: Crafted from the Nether, Tech 4 turrets are totally immune to heated weapons like lava and fire. They shoot more slowly than Tech 3 turrets but deal heavy damage and have a massive range.

-Tech 5 Turrets: This is the most powerful and expensive turret in the game. T5 turrets deal the maximum amount of damage and have an AOE-style attack that deals more damage to more enemies at the same time. Want to kill multiple targets at once? You’ll want a Tech 5 Turret.

-Support Turrets: Support turrets protect players and the base. They don’t deal damage to enemies and instead provide valuable support to your existing turrets.


To help you maximize the effectiveness of each turret, the Turret Mod adds a few helpful items to the game, including a Turret Info Book, a Turret Control Unit, and a Turret Laptop.

The Turret Info Book provides detailed information about each type of turret. The Turret Control Unit (TCU) allows players to completely customize their turrets. And the Turret Laptop is simply a more advanced version of the TCU that allows players to make advanced settings and programming changes to their turrets.

To upgrade your turrets, simply right click the Turret with the ‘upgrade item’, just like you would heal a turret or give it ammo. You can see a complete list of upgrade requirements using the Turret Info Book.

Ready to defend your base/home like never before? The Turret mod can help. Check it out today by following the installation instructions below.

How to install the Turret mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download and install Minecraft Forge

Step 2) Download the latest version of the Turret mod from here

Step 3) Put the Manager Pack .jar file into your .minecraft/mods file

Step 4) Put the mod’s .jar file into the same .minecraft/mods folder

Step 5) Start playing and enjoy!

For additional instructions and resources on installing the Turret mod and other SanAndreasP mods, click here. SanAndreasP has created a detailed post on the Minecraft Forge forum where players can troubleshoot any installation problems they run into.

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