Tramzabolt, Royal Stone Golem Guardian Skin

I tend to appreciate original skins (i.e. not fan skins) the most.  They are, inherently, one of a kind, which usually makes them more interesting.  User ScarletBox has created an original character named Tramzabolt and made a skin for him.  This skin instantly joined my personal hall of fame.




Tramzabolt is not just a mass of pixels; he has a story and is an actual character.  ScarletBox describes him as a ten-foot tall stone golem who wields the power of lightning to eradicate his foes.  This original drawing of Tramzabolt (by ScarletBox) served as the inspiration for the skin:




While this character cannot call down bolts of lightning without the help of some mods in Minecraft, the skin is still fantastic.  With masterful shading, a believably rocky texture, and great sense of depth on his “helmet”, this skin would make a great addition to anyone’s library.


Installing the Skin


For online play, skins can be installed by simply uploading the file to your profile on  Skins posted on certain websites can be uploaded directly from their page, including this one; click on the button on the right-hand side labeled “change my skin” to be taken directly to the appropriate page.


For offline play only, the process is similar to installing mods:


  1. Download the skin’s .png file;

  2. Hold Windows key and press R to bring up the Run… dialog, or go to Start > Run.

  3. Type %appdata% and press enter, then navigate to roaming/.minecraft/versions.

  4. Open the folder containing the version you use for offline play and view the .jar file using WinRAR.

  5. Create a backup of the meta.inf file contained inside the .jar and store it in a separate folder.

  6. Navigate within the .jar file to assets/minecraft/textures/entity.

  7. Rename the image file titled “steve” to anything else (such as steve_backup).

  8. Change the name of your skin’s .png file to steve.png and insert it here.


Always keep any files that will be affected by a skin or mod backed up, just in case anything goes wrong.


Tramzabolt’s story is rather interesting – are there any original skins you enjoy that also have stories behind them?  Post a link in the comments below, and if they are interesting enough, I may review them!

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