Torch Levers Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

How many times have you seen an old house with a secret torch lever? You’ve probably never seen one in real life, but I bet you’ve seen a few in movies and video games.

That’s what the Torch Levers Mod adds to Minecraft. You can now add several “security themed blocks” to the game in order to enhance your Minecraft fortress or home. It’s so much more than just a torch lever block – there are plenty of illusions, secret levers, and deadly traps that can now be added to the game thanks to this mod.

Here’s how the Torch Levers Mod for Minecraft works:

-Adds a Torch Lever and Redstone Torch Lever to the game. Both of these torches actually function as torches, which means they’ll light up the room. The major difference between these torches and normal torches attached to a wall is that there is a small, almost insignificant base on the Torch Lever. With a bit of searching, you’ll see it and be able to distinguish your torch levers from ordinary torches.

-Adds a Torch Button and Redstone Torch Button. These items look similar to torch levers but they function as buttons instead of levers. From a redstone power standpoint, that means these buttons will lock in state once pressed, which means that the signal it puts out will not change its state.

-Adds a Book Button, Brick Button, and Netherbrick Button. These are camouflaged buttons that must be placed on their respective block types. The blocks themselves look like ordinary books, bricks, and netherbricks. Once pressed, you can activate a redstone signal.

-Adds a Hinged Painting. The Hinged Painting is a block that looks just like a painting. However, it sits flush on the wall and, when right clicked, it will swing forward to reveal what’s behind it. The Hinged Painting does not need to be activated by a Redstone signal. You can use Hinged Paintings to cover buttons.

-Adds Collapsing Slabs, Carpet Trapdoors, and Spike Traps. What’s the point of scattering secret compartments around your house if you don’t have a few trap doors to ward off intruders? That’s why this mod also adds Collapsing Slabs, Carpet Trapdoors, and Spike Traps to the game. These blocks function exactly how they sound. When any living entity walks over these blocks, or an item falls onto them, the blocks activate their trap effects. Collapsing Slabs slowly crumble, for example, and Carpet Trapdoors can be used to funnel your enemies down into a death trap or as a secret passage into your treasure room.

-Adds Redstone Levers and Redstone Buttons. The Redstone Button is a unique redstone mechanism that works in a similar ay to a monostable circuit. That means that whenever a redstone signal is applied to the block the button is on, it will send out a one tick pulse. The best way to use the button is to place it on the back of a block with a Torch Lever on the front, which will cause the button to send out a very short pulse every time the lever is pulled. The Redstone Lever, on the other hand, serves as a T Flip-Flop. It will toggle from one state to another whenever a redstone signal hits the block on which the lever is placed.

-Adds Illusion Blocks. These creative blocks look normal at first sight but can disguise themselves as virtually any other block in the game. They’re made by combining one Eye of Ender (finally, something useful to do with your Eye of Enders!) with a regular block. That recipe will give you the regular block back along with an illusionary block that looks like that block. You can create a wall of diamonds, for example, out of just one diamond block and a few Eye of Enders. Make your friends think you’re rich!

This mod supports a surprising range of texture packs, so if you’re using one of the popular texture packs, then this mod will probably work with it. This mod is also one of the best-polished mods available for Minecraft today. The first release of the mod was excellent – unlike other mod creators that release a first version that basically does nothing.

So kudos to HitchH1k3r, the Torch Levers Mod’s creator, for crafting an excellent addition to the Minecraft community. You can download and install this mod today by following the steps listed below.

How to install the Torch Levers Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download and install Minecraft Forge

Step 2) Download the latest version of the Torch Levers Mod from here

Step 3) Drag and drop the entire Torch Levers Mod .zip folder and place it into the .minecraft/mods folder

Step 4) that’s it! Start playing and enjoy. You can read recipe information and lists of supported texture packs in this forum thread.

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