Three Epic Seeds for MCPE 0.10

Minecraft Pocket Edition had just updated to version 0.10, and this means new batch of awesome seeds!

This week, we’re gonna feature not one, not two, but three seeds for MCPE 0.10x alpha build 1.



Sky fly fry

This seed features a worm-like overhanging mountain that looks very unique. The mountain itself looks like a petrified Kraken from the Greek mythology. Survival-wise the seed has some scattered oak trees near the spawn and there are plenty of ore inside the strange mountain.


seed 1


The best part of this seed is its building potential. Creating a castle-like or a mansion structure on top of the strange mountain creates a feeling of a fantasy-like adventure. I recommend this seed to be played in creative mode.

seed 2



Yep, who would have thought that this seed would turn out amazing? This seed features a beautiful terrain and world generation that features minecraft without the craziness.

seed 4

Right on the spawn you will find a huge lake, a stunning flower field, and a flat-top mountain surrounding the edges of the lake – the seed is just magnificent. Around the big mountain is a river and a forest right across it that reminds me of Spring.


Overall, I recommend this seed to survival players, to the girls who love flowers, and to those who simply wish to enjoy a peaceful life with a beautiful scenery.




From beautiful to epic, this seed features huge floating islands, and a massive overhanging mountain that will make your jaw drop. The overhanging mountain also has natural waterfalls, and huge canopies that allow monsters to spawn in broad daylight.

seed 5

The seed is filled with this crazy mountains and around them are wide forests. Survival-wise, this seed is a bit tricky to play with. Hostile mobs wills pawn near the mountain making it hazardous even in broad daylight. Overall, this seed reminds me of the fantasy world Pandora from the Avatar movie making it one of the best seeds in MCPE.


Feel free to share your discoveries and thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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