This Week On Minecraft – Thanks Giving and Games Against Ebola Event

This week, there were plenty of new community content due to the American holiday – Thanks giving. There are also several official announcements like updated Minecraft and Mojang’s participation against the Ebola virus.


Minecraft 1.8.1

Around 6 days ago, Mojang released the new version of Minecraft. Minecraft 1.8.1 features a bunch of bug fixes and improvements to make the game more stable. The changes are:

– Gamerule dotiledrops no longer affect entities

– Jack’o Lanterns Golem fixed.

– performance improvement and optimization

– potion of leaping can now be extended via a Redstone current.

– all mobs no longer run from creepers.

– added Ryan Holtz (TheMogMiner) and Michael Stoyke (Searge) on the credits

– few color changes in the map (mostly un-noticeable)

– Witch huts can spawn witches on  Y 64 to 71 (allowing for a three floor witch farm)

– ground items now rotate on fast settings.

– changed “multiplayer setting” to “chat setting”

– clouds and entity shadows can be changed individually

– fast and fancy graphic setting only affects leaves and rain particles.

– a series of bug fixes that can be found here.


Mojang’s Participation in the Humble Event

Mojang participated in Humble’s event – Games Against Ebola Game Jam. In this event, game developers like Ludosity, Coffee Stain Studios, our favorite Mojang, along with a few others will develop several games in a limited time of only four days! That’s a whooping 96 hours only!

These games can be yours for the price of… anything! For as low as $1 you can access and own these games when it’s done! and that’s right about any moment from now! By paying how much you want, you can get a brand new game while supporting a worthwhile cost as all the collected cash will go straight to charity!

So what are you waiting for? Follow this link and donate and get free games!


Thanks Giving video by Rooster Teeth

Video-maker legends Rooster Teeth created a hilarious video featuring the American holiday – Thanks Giving.

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