This Week On Minecraft – Extra Life Streaming

On this week, Extra Life started a huge charity live-streaming event featuring our favorite game, Minecraft!

What is Extra Life?

Extra life is a charity-based fundraiser that donates 100% of the raised money to hospitals treating sick children across United States and Canada. Money is raised through 24-hour video game marathons – and this week, the chosen game is Minecraft.

The Extra Life Organization began way back in 2008 to honor a young lady in the name of Victoria Enmon (a.k.a. Tori) and cheer her on her battle against acute lymphoblastic luekemia. It all started as video game community members sent video games and other gifts to the lady to cheer her up and keep her spirit fighting despite her battle with the deadly disease.

Sadly, Tori passed away early in 2008, but the thought, the act, and the gesture carried on, and so the movement began. Now, Extra Life have raised more than 5,600,000 of good US dollars to be donated to hospitals with kids like Tori.

Extra Life utilizes the Twitch streaming and gather support to kind-hearted players across the globe.

On that day, many of the popular Minecraft Youtubers took part in streaming – and most of them played on platforms they are not familiar with… for fun of course.

If you want to do what you are good at while helping others, consider joining Extra Life by going to their official website.

Extra Life 4 kids

New Awesome Parody

Pedro, a talented minecraft parody maker, created another hit. Together with LaRaisha Burnette for the vocals, they created “Mine It All” – A parody of the song “Shake It Off”.

The new parody can be viewed here. Enjoy!

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