The Name Changing Update

This week, Minecraft has released a feature that they have planned for a very long time – name changing!

The planned and much talked about Mojang feature of changing username has just been released early this week. The community was worried about this feature as something that should never been implemented… but now that this was put into use, what do you guys think? Here we will show you the up and (mostly) down side of this feature as observed in a span of several days alone.

The Good

Of course with this feature implemented you can change your name into something you desired long ago, you can also correct those typo and name errors, as well as re-use the name of your broken Mojang account.

The Bad

I for one am against it before, but actually I still am right now. And here is why:
Minecraft is mostly a community of immature individuals who tend to ruin it for everyone else. I’m not saying that the entire community is bad – I’m just saying that those who are makes a much more scene than those who aren’t.

Here are some example of crazy minecraft names that had sprung up the moment the name changing feature was implemented.



As you can see, Mojang’s foul word filter failed epicly…

The Ugly

I for one had a small mistake on my Minecraft username, and I wanted to correct it. Unfortunately, I was a few minutes late and someone already beat me to it… to my own username. Pretentious people will also fly on your server with a few examples below:



Famous YouTubers will also suffer from people who are pretending to be them by just changing one character on their names.

How about you? what is your thought and experience on this matter? Should Mojang rectify their mistakes? Or should the rest of the community brace for it until Mojang finds another solution?


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