The Miner Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

There are quite a few different Skyrim mods available for Minecraft. The Miner Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the smaller Skyrim mods available today, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time.

Instead of modifying central game mechanics, the Miner Scrolls V: Skyrim adds a bunch of new items and ores to your game. All of these items come directly from the Elder Scrolls universe.

This mod was previously known as the Skyrim Weapons Mod. Here are just a few of the new weapons and items this mod adds to your game:

-New foods and drinks: Alto wine, Nord mead, Cheese wedge, Vegetable soup, and more

-New crafting items: Steel ingots, Dwarven ingots, Daedra hearts, Orichalcum ingots, Malachite ingots, Ebony ingots, and Dragonbones

-New weapons: Ancient Nord War Axe, Ancient Nord Sword, Steel Mace, Headsman’s Axe, Daedric Sword, Blade of Woe, Iron Greatsword, Dwarven Sword, Dwarven War Axe, Orcish Sword, Orcish Mace, Glass War Axe, Glass Sword, Ebony Mace, Ebony Dagger, Imperial Sword

-New armor pieces: Steel Armor, Shrouded Armor (i.e. Dark Brotherhood Armor), Dwarven Armor, Dragonbone Armor, Hide Armor, Volsung (mask).

Recipes for all of these creations are available from a file included in the mod. This mod lets you create a bunch of items that come directly from the land of Skyrim. It won’t change the way you play Minecraft, but it will let you combine two awesome games together.

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How to install the Miner Scrolls V: Skyrim Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download and install Minecraft Forge

Step 2) Download the latest version of the Miner Scrolls V: Skyrim from here

Step 3) Drag and drop the mod’s .zip folder into the .minecraft/mods folder

Step 4) Start playing and enjoy!

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