The Kitchen Mod: Modular Sandwiches for Minecraft 1.7.2 / 1.7.10

Food is one of the least covered topics among the Minecraft modding community.  Why?  Well, there really isn’t much to do when it comes to food, I suppose, other than simply add more food.  User MrSpring, however, developed the impressive Ktichen Mod: Modular Sandwiches, making food more fun and more customizable!




This mod was originally developed for Modjam 4, and is to my knowledge the only mod of its kind (at least in its primary function).  With this mod, you can build sandwiches piece by piece to your liking, with more ingredients yielding more food as one might expect.


While such an option may seem trivial, it actually makes the game quite entertaining and interesting.  In order to create a sandwich, one must go through several steps.  Step one is creating the necessary equipment.


Kitchen knife – used to slice ingredients:




And cutting board, used to hold the sandwich while it is being made:




Once these two items are created, place the cutting board on a surface by right-clicking with it in hand.  Then, combine the knife with an ingredient to create a sliced version of the ingredient.  You will need at least sliced bread (or toast, which can be made by putting sliced bread into an oven or furnace), though of course other ingredients are recommended (who wants a bread sandwich?).


Slicing any ingredient looks like this:




Some other ingredients that can be sliced include cheese (made by crafting a single bucket of milk), any meat (you can make bacon!), and carrots.


After slicing ingredients, right click on the cutting board with a slice of bread to start the sandwich.  You may then add ingredients as you desire, up to a maximum of eight plus one more slice of bread.  Shift-right click to remove the sandwich from the cutting board, and there you have it!


You can see the ingredients of a sandwich after removing it by hovering over it in the menu:




One of the greatest things about this mod is the level of interaction involved in it.  You do not simply craft ingredients together to create a sandwich – it is truly an enhancement of gameplay.


The Oven


Moving on, I must explain the oven to you.  Though a secondary part of the mod, it is still significant, useful, and almost necessary for creating sandwiches efficiently.




Ovens are used to cook large amounts of food in a shorter time and for less fuel.  To use an oven, right click it to open it, then right click to add food, close it, and fill it with fuel.  A total of four different types of items can be cooked at once, up to stacks of four in each slot.  When the food is done, the oven will begin to emit smoke; be sure to remove your food before it gets burnt!  Burnt food is completely useless.


See what I mean about interaction?  Awesome!


Other items


Also included in this mod are the mortar and pestle.  In case you are not familiar, this is a combination of items used by cooks and scientists to grind items into more useful powders.  In this mod’s case, its primary function is to create flour from wheat.


The Kitchen Mod also brings plates to the game.  Plates are different than what you may expect – instead of allowing the player to eat off of them, they act as a display unit to show off your glorious bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon-bacon cheese sandwiches.




Several items can be placed on a plate, allowing for interesting home decorations that also serve as convenient storage.


Useful ideas


Now that you have seen how awesome this mod is, let me run through a couple of interesting ideas I had for it.


  1. The Deli – instead of providing this mod on a server for all to use, perhaps limit its use to a single player or a few players who choose to work at a deli!  Players could choose ingredients from behind a glass window – possibly displayed on plates – and have sandwiches made for them.

  2. The Butcher – could go hand in hand with The Deli.  Players could bring ingredients to a butcher to have them chopped into usable portions; essentially only one player is given a knife.  Simple and interesting.

  3. The Diamond Chef – obviously has a limited number of applications, but it would be quite interesting to have a Minecraft competition in which players create plates for a panel of judges, as in the television series Iron Chef.

  4. Miner Dash – and finally, you had to see this one coming.  Who wouldn’t love a little player-made (or automated, with the right skills) minigame in which customers request specific sandwiches from the cook, who must deliver them to the proper tables in the allotted amount of time?  For further difficulty and amusement, perhaps speed up player hunger rates drastically!


Such a simple mod, but so many possible applications.  I absolutely love this mod and will definitely be playing with it.  I can only hope it is updated to 1.8 as soon as the official release is out.


I award The Kitchen Mod ten out of ten bacon strips.


How to install The Kitchen Mod: Modular Sandwiches for Minecraft 1.7.2 / 1.7.10


  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge mod loader

  2. Download the latest version of The Ktichen Mod.

  3. Hold Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or go to Start > Run.

  4. Enter %appdata% and navigate to your .minecraft/mods folder.

  5. Drag and drop the .zip file downloaded in step 2 into this folder.


Can you think of any other awesome uses for this mod?  It is so expandable and creative that there are bound to be tons.  Leave your ideas in the comments!  If any of them are particularly creative, I’ll include them next time I review this mod (when it has a major update).

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