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Last week, the world has been shaken with the controversial color-changing dress – but the true color of the dress has been revealed… in Minecraft!

For those of you who didn’t know it already, there is a particular picture of a dress in the internet that seems to change color depending on whoever is looking at it.

Some people view it as blue and black while others look at it as gold and white. This dress was explained in Minecraft by the very famous youtuber Sethbling.

To spoil the video, the dark secret of the dress is all about redstone! Once the player look away from the dress, a redstone replaces its blocks to a different block – creating a different colored dress. Looking away again and it changes it back to its original state. Mystery solved as they say!


If you ever wondered how Minecraft lands are generated (I will admit – it never crossed my mind), then youtuber Kurt will explain it to you.

In a similar video, Minecraft land generation was explained in as simplest and as comprehending as possible

PBS Digital Studios’ brief introductory video on Minecraft will help you understand how the seeds and the Minecraft world is generated. Check out the video below!


For a featured Minecraft community creation, check out Space Invaders in Minecraft!

The famous retro game has been resurrected inside another game! Talented Minecraft player under the username Brutec has just created a functional and playable Space Invaders game. This game features single-player, co-op, and versus modes as well as a working scoreboard. It even features variable difficulty levels! This mini game can be found here!

Can you get the highest score? So how was your Minecraft week? Leave a comment below!

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