Thaumcraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Looking to add a little bit of magic into the Minecraft world? With Thaumcraft 1.6, it’s easy to be magical. This mod allows you to create all sorts of new and exciting items, from flying carpets to lightning wands and everything in between.

What is ‘Thaumcraft’ and what does it mean? Basically, the name ‘Thaumcraft’ comes from the term ‘Thaumaturgy’, which refers to the possibility of magic existing in our everyday world. This magic leads to miracles and it allows magicians to practice their art.

In short, Thaumcraft adds magic to the world of Minecraft. This magic has both positive and negative Auras. The positive Aura is called ‘Vis’, while the negative Aura is called ‘Taint’, and every piece of matter in Thaumcraft has a balance of these two Auras.

But what happens when one type of Aura overpowers the other? That’s when Thaumcraft gets interesting.

Auras can also be found in crystals scattered throughout the world. There are more than just positive and negative Auras in these crystals; there are also Vaporous, Earthen, Aqueous, and Fiery Auras. You’ll need to combine these auras in order to make many of the cool items you see in Thaumcraft.

Crafting works in a similar way to traditional Minecraft. Instead of using a crafting table, however, players use something called an Infuser. The Infuser has a similar interface to the crafting table, and most Minecraft players will get the hang out if fairly quickly.

Using the Infuser, players can craft all sorts of cool items. The mod features flying carpets, lightning wands, and teleport seals, among other cool things.

Another notable addition to Thaumcraft is the research system. Using a special Quasitum, players can research various items to unlock ‘knowledge fragments’. These knowledge fragments come in lost, forbidden, tainted, and eldritch varieties, and each knowledge fragment will allow you to craft a different group of items. If you decide to ‘research’ these fragments further, you’ll have a chance of finding a theory, which increases the power of your research.

Thaumcraft 1.6 also adds special visual effects into the Minecraft world. With all sorts of magic going on around you, expect to see cool new visuals added into the standard graphics engine.

How to Install ThumCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Want to check out Thaumcraft for yourself? Here’s how:

Step 1) Download and install Forge API.

Step 2) Download Thaumcraft 2.1.6D here.

Step 3) Place the Thaumcraft .zip in your mods folder and start up Minecraft.

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