Taking a Look at Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10

This week, Minecraft pocket edition was updated to version 0.10 alpha build 1 with lots of features, including some that were introduced on Minecraft PC version 1.8.

18th of November, 2014 marked the release of the update to all devices. This update adds many graphical enhancing features, some Minecraft PC version 1.8 content, bug fixes, performance enhancing tweaks, and some additional Pocket Edition exclusives.



A new built-in shader

A built-in lightweight shader was added to the update. This shader makes the water wave, and look more realistic than that of its PC and console counterparts. Some shades, and lighting effects were also added to improve its overall graphics. This update is a very huge step for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Gold Ore on Mesa

With the update, gold ore can now be found on the new mesa biome.

Minecraft 1.8 Fences

The new fence and fence gate variations that were introduced on Minecraft PC version 1.8, are now also available on your PC. This includes one fence and fence gate type for each wood variation. (i.e birch fence, jungle wood fence gate)

Darker Swamp

Swamp biome and swamp water is now darker and murkier looking than before.

Sun and Day-Cycle

Day and Night cycle can now be observed in creative mode. At the same time, the sun visuals are now bigger and brighter.

Brightness Toggle
In-game brightness can now be toggled in the options

Water Force

Water can now push things with more force. Water currents are now stronger.

Pocket Edition Exclusives

These are the things added that can’t be found on other Minecraft versions, and thus exclusive only for Minecraft Pocket Edition: Giant Mushrooms in Swamp biome, extra particles for sand and gravel, and surface mineshafts in mesa biome.



Tweaked Algorithm = Faster performance

A new algorithm had been finished and it should be implemented on the next update or major update. This algorithm will, at the end, improve performance to all devices – including PC. This new algorithm is called “The Advanced Cave Culling Algorithmâ„¢”

Big features are promised to be added on the next major update. Specifics are still unknown at this time.



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