Survival Island Stronghold Seed For Minecraft 1.8

This week, we’re going to feature a unique survival island seed with a rare submerged stronghold that you just can’t get enough of.

The seed is:

On this seed, you will spawn in the middle of a tiny island with nothing but 9 trees, several grasses, a small patch of grass/ dirt, and a chunks of sand with two sugar cane growing on the edge. The island is a bit steep so there is not much space to build on.

At first glance this map is similar to your standard island survival map, but the truth is – it is not.


Unlike other island survival seeds, this seed features a rare stronghold below sea level, flooded and submerged right next to the island. When activated, the stronghold is the gateway towards the End.


The stronghold also has a silver fish spawner that spews out non-swimming silver fish that floats outside the Stronghold – a great way to see real fishes in minecraft.


Not only that, this seed also features not one, but two ocean monuments introduced on Minecraft 1.8. These two monuments are several chunks apart so exploring them one by one would take a long time. These ocean monuments features gold block treasures with a lot of guardian mobs. They also hold a couple of elder Guardians which act as the monument’s mini bosses.

If you can’t manage to find the monuments, they are at these coordinates.

Monument 1: x: 711 y: 62 z: -281

Monument 2: x: 200 y: 61 z: – 217

To explore them correctly and accurately, it is best to bring along Night vision potions with  you.

Overall, this seed features a good island survival challenge and a lot of adventure awaits the player – including the final battle with the Ender Dragon in the End.


This seed is available for Minecraft 1.8 under normal setting.



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