Survival Island Seeds for Minecraft 1.7.10

Survival Islands are great for one thing – challenge!

On a survival island map, players will have a limited amount resources and space as they will spawn in a small island surrounded by nothing but water as long as the eye can see.

This gives the player a more challenging gameplay as food will be scarce and security will be tough. When playing with mods, these islands can be easier to deal with or a lot tougher depending on the mod you have installed. But enough with the babble, I’ll get to the seeds.






This is an interesting island survival map that spawns the player in an island with a hill and an area of shallow water. The map features 6 short trees and a lot of grass patches making survival easier than most seed of the same category. This map features a unique hill with a hollow in the middle that goes straight through the other side (like a pirate hideout). There is also a small lava fall in the side of the hill allowing for possibilities of obsidian and cobblestone generator. On top of the hill is a very flat area to which you can build your house, fortress, outpost, or anything that strikes you fancy.





This is another unique survival island map that features multiple small islands at close proximity. If you think that’s easy, well think again. There is only one tree a midst all islands and most islands is so small you can’t even build a bathroom in it. Most islands are also filled with sand with small patches of dirt so grass are hard to come by, but the main island has a big patch of dirt and a surprising ravine in the middle. The ravine goes very deep and features a lot of ore (especially iron) and a lot of caves. Overall, this seed is very interesting to play with and is probably one of the hardest island survival I know.

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