Surface Dungeon and Huge Mountain Seed for Minecraft 1.8.1

This week’s seed is all about dungeon… and not just any dungeon but surface dungeon as this seed features not one, but two surface level dungeons with quality loot!

The Seed is:



In this seed, you will spawn on a river side with a wide desert biome surrounding you. The desert biome is not your average one however, as it features weird terrain generation such as a weird canopy/ shallow cave, and a series of long twisting caves – some of which lead to rich granite reserves.


In fact, the whole desert looks weird and doesn’t look like a desert at all as its terrain generation is similar to that of hill filled biomes. Sandstones are also common on the surface making the generation of canopies and open caves possible.


You may also find 2 desert temples around the spawn – one of which is almost completely buried in the sand.

Due to the weirdness of the desert biome, there are also 2 surface dungeon and one of them is right near the spawn! One of the two dungeons also have an epic golden apple as its loot. Because of this, mobs spawned through the spawner have great chances of spawning on the surface – resulting in a difficult exploration. For those who can’t find them, check the coordinates below.


Surface Dungeon coordinates
X= -179
Z= -353

Surface Dungeon with golden apple
X= -269
Z= -274


Outside the desert biome are some cool mountain. Some mountains even go past sky level.


Near the epic mountain is a savannah biome which looks quite cool. There is even a savannah plateau that is among my favorite biomes.


And to complete this wonderful seed, this seed also features three (that’s right, three!) villages! One are even placed in between biomes, and one with a great view.

Overall, I find this seed very special. I must admit that I am not a fond of desert biome, but this one is an exception as it has multiple epic sites to explore and outside the desert are many epic scenery.

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