Super Hostile Series Maps for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Vechs is one of the Minecraft community’s most prolific map creators. One of his most popular creations is called Super Hostile. Instead of featuring just one map, Super Hostile is actually a series of maps filled with difficult challenges for players.

The goal of the Super Hostile series is to make Minecraft a more difficult game to play. Death comes easily in the Super Hostile map series, and players will find themselves struggling to collect critical resources, falling into deadly monster spawners, or perishing from all sorts of other challenges. In Vechs own words, he wants to “really put pressure on the player.”

As players navigate through the challenges in the Super Hostile series of maps, their ultimate goal is to complete something called the Victory Monument. The Victory Monument requires special blocks in order to be completed, and there are special slots for each type of blocks. In order to complete the Victory Monument, players need to collect 16 differently colored wool blocks, as well as blocks of gold, diamond, and iron.

Like most maps, the map creator has laid out some rules to make things more interesting:

-Players must find colored wool in the chests scattered around the map. They cannot dye them or create wool using spider string.

-Players must not leave the boundaries of the map

-Players must find the Victory Monument and complete its construction in order to ‘beat’ each map

There are also special rules that the map creator has outlined, like the ‘insomniac’ rule which prevents players from using a bed. There is also a ‘Jackie Chan’ rule which prevents players from using swords or bows in combat. These rules are designed for more hardcore Super Hostile series players.

New Super Hostile maps are being released on a regular basis. All of them are fairly challenging, although some are easier than others. Vechs has outlined the difficulty of each map in this thread. It’s recommended that players start at the first level, 00, before choosing to play some of the more challenging maps. However, the maps are not in sequential order, and some maps are still under construction.

Here is a basic outline of all of the maps currently included in the Super Hostile series download:

Super Hostile 00 Hazardous Environment Training: A basic training map that teaches players how to survive the challenges in the Super Hostile series. Beginner players should start by playing this one.

Super Hostile 01 Sea of Flame II: As the name suggests, this map is covered in an ocean of lava. There is also an underground area that players have to navigate

Super Hostile 03 Infernal Sky II: Players navigate their way through large islands floating in the sky.

Super Hostile 04 The Kaizo Caverns: This map is completely underground, and players are forced to find their way through a complex network of caves.

Super Hostile 05 The Black Desert: This desert is very dark with only small patches of light scattered around. The Victory Monument can be difficult to find because the map is so dark.

Super Hostile 06 Canopy Carnage: Canopy Carnage takes place high atop massive trees in a forest. Players must fight their way through a “super savage” jungle while trying to avoid plummeting off the trees to the depths below.

Super Hostile 07 Legendary: The goal of this map was to provide players with a “legendary” sense of scale. This map is huge, and massive cliffs and oceans of lava are scattered throughout the map, giving players a challenge as they try to complete the Victory Monument.

Super Hostile 08 Nightmare Realm: Nightmare Realm is one of the most difficult maps available in the Minecraft Super Hostile series. It takes place in a hellish environment complete with fire, lava, and lots of death.

Super Hostile 09 Sunburn Islands: Sunburn Islands is different than the other Super Hostile maps. Instead of throwing players into a burning pit of darkness, the Sunburn Islands map takes place on the soothing warmth of a desert island. It’s one of the more beginner friendly maps in the Super Hostile series, so check it out if you think the other maps will be too challenging.

Super Hostile 10 Spellbound Caves: This map takes place in a massive network of caves. Pillars and bridges are scattered throughout the caves, and some of the structures are so large that players can’t see where they start or begin.

Super Hostile 11 Lethamyr: Lethamyr is a whole new continent for players to explore. Instead of focusing on smaller, dangerous environments (as seen in other Super Hostile maps), Lethamyr allows players to explore the world and experience huge, realistic biomes. The location of the Victory Monument can change with each playthrough (there are several different variants of this map available to download), which means players will be doing a lot of exploring to find the things they need.

As of yet, there are no Super Hostiles 12 or 13.

Super Hostile 14 Waking Up: Waking Up is actually based on a short story called “Waking Up” by Andrea J. Buchanan. The style is similar to other cave-based maps, and it provides a challenging experience for veterans of the Super Hostile Series 1.6

Mini Super Hostile series maps

There are also several other types of Super Hostile maps, including Mini Hostile 01 Ragequit Holidays and Mini Hostile 02 Endless Deep. The Mini Hostile maps are smaller and take less time to play through. Ragequit Holidays was designed for Christmas 2011, so play it if you’re in a holiday mood.

Super Hostile series multiplayer maps

Vechs has also created several multiplayer maps in the theme of Super Hostile. Super Hostile Race for Wool allows players to compete against one another as they try to complete a mini Victory Monument. Players are confined to two identical lanes, although they can set off traps on enemy players’ lanes to delay them from completing the monument.

Race for Wool II is a similar experience, although it focuses more on direct combat than a lane-to-lane race. With Race for Wool II, players can fire TNT cannons and other weaponry in order to prevent the other team from completing their mini Victory Monuments.

Super Hostile series “Capture the Wool” mode

You’ve probably heard of capture the flag. But you may not have heard of Capture the Wool. In this map, players must retrieve wool from the territory of other players and then return it to their own territory. This results in frantic PVP action as teams of players compete directly against one another.

Hostile Trails series

In addition to the Super Hostile series, players navigate their way through a trail filled with dangerous traps. Vechs calls it a mix between Oregon Trail, Lemmings, and Railway Simulator.

Super Docile series

Vechs has also created two freeform survival maps. The first map is called Super Docile Hills of Moo. Instead of forcing players to build the Victory Monument, the Hills of Moo map is a more freeform environment that allows players to play the game however they want.

In addition to Hills of Moo, there is one other map in the Super Docile series: Canopy Basic. Canopy Basic uses a similar environment to Canopy Carnage II, and players can enjoy Survival mode in a deep, dense forest surrounded by massive trees.

There are plenty of Super Hostile series maps to choose from. From beginner difficulty maps to survival and multiplayer modes, Vechs and his Super Hostile series are winning fans across the Minecraft community. Keep reading to discover how to find the Super Hostile series download link.

How to install Super Hostile series Maps for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download Super Hostile series maps from this thread

Step 2) Extract all maps to any spot on your computer

Step 3) Start up Minecraft

Step 4) Navigate to ‘Mods and Texture Packs’

Step 5) Click on ‘Open Texture Pack folder’

Step 6) Minimize Minecraft, then navigate to the .minecraft/saves folder in the Explorer menu that popped up

Step 7) Drag all the maps you downloaded into the .minecraft/saves folder

Step 8) Open up Singleplayer and choose the map you want to play

Step 9) Start playing and enjoy!

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