Steelfeather’s Enchanted Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10

This week we’re going to feature an astonishing resource pack created by no other than Steelfeathers.

Steelfeather’s Enchanted Resource pack is a medieval and victorian themed resource pack that focuses on the fusion of Victorian elegance and fairy tale mysteries.

The resource pack took its inspiration and sources from diverse sources including Lord of The Rings, the French tale Beauty and the Beast, and the others alike.


The author did his best to make sure these textures work for your grand adventures, role playing games, and your creative colossal projects.

The texture is strives a perfect balance between performance and quality – and thus it is available on a resolution of 32 x 32.

However, the resource pack uses a lot of advance texture features such as connected textures, and others. As a result, it needs an MCPatcher or Optifine mod to work properly.


The best thing about this resource pack is it features a lot of numerous alternate textures that you can use in case there are things that doesn’t suit your style.The mod author also accepts suggestions and recommendations so feel free to say what you have in mind.


The Victorian theme of the mod is reflected on the classy looking items from the diamond swords to golden hoes.

The environmental theme of the mod and shades are a bit darker than vanilla resulting in a good medieval themed pack as well.


This resource pack works even better with a shader pack to make night times more darker and and day times more brighter.

As a 32x resolution resource pack, the Enchanted pack features semi-realistic textures making the game more immersive but without taking out the vanilla feel of the game.

InstallingĀ Steelfeather’s Enchanted Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10


  1. Download the latest version of the resource pack here.

  2. Press WindowsKey+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks

  3. Unzip the file if it was zipped.

  4. Place the resource pack in this folder.

  5. In Minecraft, go to Options > Resource Packs and select your pack.

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