Star Wars: Interdictor-Textures Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7.x

If you are into Star Wars or space-oriented science fiction in the slightest, you are going to fall in love with this epic endeavor of a resource pack.  User MaggiCraft of PlanetMinecraft has graced us with the wonderful Star Wars: Interdictor-Textures pack!




This pack is pretty huge, and is growing every day.  MaggiCraft has made almost 200 updates to it at a frequency of about 3-5 per week, showing no signs of slowing.  Partially, the necessity for so many updates lies in the availability of various resolutions:

  • 32px

  • 64px

  • 128px

  • 256px

  • 512px

This is fantastic as it will allow you to get as high resolution as your computer can handle!  Beware that if your computer struggles to run the original pack, you may not want to even try going higher than 64px.


Moving on: let us start with some of the smaller scale adjustments, such as lightsabers:




What Star Wars pack or mod would be complete without lightsabers?  As is indicated in the image above, these are just normal swords – and yes, they look like that in-game (providing you are using a high enough resolution version of the pack).  I am not quite sure why the iron lightsaber is gold and the gold one is red – it would make more sense to switch them.  Regardless, they look awesome!


Another quite iconic part of the Star Wars universe is its collection of emblems.  You will be happy to find that emblems are in no short supply either:




These emblems are created by crafting colored wool or hardened clay, so be aware that if you previously had a use for these (I personally have never used them) you will have to find a way around it.


And of course, the Death Star makes an appearance – in the form of the world’s moon:




Before I get into the blocks, here are a few more miscellaneous changes that truly round off the pack and give it that extra polish that makes it stand out:


  • Bows have been changed to look like a Storm Trooper’s rifle; they shoot lasers and make the classic Star Wars laser sound;

  • Leather armor looks like a Jedi’s robe;

  • Various mobs have been changed – for example, zombie pigmen look like the Sith, zombies look like imperial bodyguards, creepers are bounty hunters, and Steve himself is a Clone Trooper!

  • Records have been changed to holocrons (though they still function):



Note that these holocrons are 3D and fully animated.




In the end, the blocks are what make a pack truly great as they take up the most space and are typically the focus of one’s gameplay.  This resource pack definitely does not fall short in this area; take a look at this interior scene:




Everything about this is fantastic.  The stone walls, marble floor, and wood ceiling all present quite a bit of flavorful flair, but some of the subtler elements are impressive as well – such as the ever so slightly altered glass panes used for the windows.  Also take note of some of the other utility blocks, such as the blue beds, enchanting table, and that awesome blue torch on the wall!


One thing I love about this pack block-wise is that it is not overwhelming.  This hall, for example, could have easily been created without any texture modifications:




However, the blocks used are slightly visually enhanced and give an overall more coherent feeling to the scene.  They could be used for any number of building projects, and their original purpose is not hindered in any way.  It is not what I like to call a “gimmick pack”, where the blocks are meant to be used for one specific aesthetic without chance for variation.


Here is another example of this versatility:




This purple landscape certainly has a Star Wars flavor to it, but could easily be used in a general sci-fi setting.


There are many more blocks to discover, ranging from simple wooden crates to incredibly flashy crafting tables.  You will have to give this pack a download to experience them for yourself!


It is worth noting that MaggiCraft also created a Star Wars mod, which I will be reviewing tomorrow – if you enjoy this pack (or even if you don’t), keep a look out for that, as they go great together.


Installing Star Wars: Interdictor-Textures Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7.x


This pack must be installed with MCPatcher, and cannot be installed manually (without great difficulty).


  1. Download the latest version of the resource pack here.

  2. Download and install MCPatcher.

  3. Run MCPatcher and click patch with the HD Textures option checked off.

  4. Press WindowsKey+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks

  5. Place the resource pack in this folder (as a .zip file).

  6. Load Minecraft, then go to Options > Resource Packs and select your pack.


With that done, you will enter the fantastical universe of Star Wars next time you play!


Obviously the Star Wars universe is far too huge and epic to cover in a single resource or texture pack, so packs in this theme tend to vary quite a bit visually.  What is your favorite Star Wars-themed pack?  Leave your answer in the comments!

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