Sky Shaft Map for Minecraft 1.8

Tired of the regular survival map? Ever wanted to play a Sky block survival map with a little twist? Then Sky Shaft might be a map just for you.


Sky Shaft is a sky-themed survival game created by JayMineCrafton and Wundero. In this map you will play on a randomly generated vanilla Mine Shaft above an endless void.

With this map, resources are rare and and mob spawning is very high. You will also be provided with a survival kit with materials necessary for early survival. Then you will need to gather and use the resources you can find. The goal of this map is the same as survival vanilla map – you need to slay the Ender Dragon.

Just like other maps, this, too, has its rules.


The rule on this map is pretty simple – No Cheating! If you feel like you are exploiting the rules or breaking the map then you probably are. The only time where “cheating” is acceptable is if you spawn accidentally far from the starting survival kit – in which case you are allowed to fly to the survival kit by being in a creative mode then turn yourself back to survival mode once you get there.

The map was created in Minecraft version 1.8.1. Thus it is important that you play using the same client version or higher as some features may not be able on versions below 1.8.1.

In this map, it is possible to build many things using the resources found in the world. However, since it is on a Mineshaft dungeon, expect many monsters to spawn. There will also be chests and minecart with chests that you can loot to get the resources. Repairing the railroad and using it is also possible.

If you want to try the map out, check this wonderful trailer from the Map makers themselves.


How to Install Sky Shaft for Minecraft 1.8
Download the map here.

Hold the Windows key and press R to open the Run… dialog, or access it via the start menu.

Type in %appdata% and navigate to .minecraft\saves

Unzip the .zip file from step 1 and place the folder in this directory.

Run the launcher without mods, select single player, and start the game!


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