Skin Stealer

Do you remember the old days when AIM and MSN Messenger were still the reigning champions of communication?  Someone developed an application back then (back when “application” still colloquially referred to computer programs!) that was used to steal other users’ display icons and set them as your own, or simply download them to your computer.  Well – make way for minecraft-3d’s wonderful Minecraft Skin Stealer!


This program has a simple interface that is straightforward and easy to use.  It contains a single search bar where you type in any user’s name.  The system then searches for the user in the Minecraft database and returns their skin as a preview, giving you the option to download it.  Downloading will take you to a web browser where the download dialog will be initiated:




You may notice that this program simply accesses – you could just as easily search on the website, but it does provide the benefit of being able to look up other users’ skins right from your desktop.


The creator has stated an intention to update this tool with a skin creation feature – so if you see someone’s skin that you like, but think it would be better with pink shoes, you can download and edit it in one fell swoop!  Pretty handy!


Installation Instructions for Skin Stealer


  1. Download the latest file from minecraft-3d’s planetminecraft page.  The download link will take you to adFly; be sure to wait for the timer in the top right corner to count down, then click skip ad.  Also be sure to download the correct file on the subsequent page.

  2. Unzip the folder to any location.

  3. Simply run the .exe file and enjoy!


This is an extremely simple and straightforward program.  Do you like its simplicity, or would you like to see more features added like the skin editor?  Comment below and let us know!

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