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With about 3,000 players online at any given time, The Shotbow Network is one of the most active and popular Minecraft servers available for the PC version.  Both European and United States servers are available, both of which are hosted on very high-end servers to keep performance at its best at all times.


Shotbow is actually a central hub, rather than a single server.  It connects many, many other worlds together, with a common experience system, inventory, and more.  The experience system is used to purchase items in a shop that give advantages in games or allow players to customize their character.


Connecting to the Shotbow Network


No mods are required to connect to Shotbow.  To access the server:


  1. Load Minecraft 1.7.4 and select the Multiplayer option.

  2. Click add server, and enter or in the address for US or EU, respectively.  Name it whatever you wish.

  3. You should see the following if the server is online:


  1. Click Join Server and enjoy!


The Shotbow Lobby


Once you are in the server, you should see a lobby that looks like this:




In this lobby, you can meet up with friends, make new friends, find strangers to play with, or just hang out.  You can also summon your pets while in the lobby, some of which have useful functions (giving food or gold), others which are just fun.


For example: meet Jello, a slime which is acquirable at Emerald rank:




Jello can be ridden like a horse mob.  I normally hate slimes, but this is adorable.  Any other pet that doesn’t have a special function will show hearts of affection when right-clicked.  Left clicking has other functions for some pets.


Other possible pets include:

  • Wolfie – a baby wolf who barks.

  • Whiskers – a meowing baby oscelot.

  • Splodey – a creepy baby pig zombie.  Left-click at your own risk…

  • Oinkie – a normal, un-creepy baby pig.  Oinks adorably.

  • Jeeves – this is a baby villager who will sit on your head when shift-right clicked.


There are others, some of which are no longer available as they were limited-time purchases or rewards.


Once you are done petting your zombie pigman, you can join any one of the gamemodes by entering its hub and right-clicking on one of the server signs:




Games to Play in Shotbow


There are currently a total of 14 games available in Shotbow!  Each game mode with a short description follows:


  • MineZ – this is your standard zombie apocalypse game mode, based loosely on the original Day Z mod for Arma II.  The goal of this game is simply to loot and survive, and do anything it takes to stay out of harm’s way.  It is regularly updated and has events for most major holidays.


  • Wasted – another Arma II based game mode, here you will have access to all manners of modern weapons and equipment.  Rifles, jetpacks, mechs and more await you in Wasted.  There are multiple classes with special abilities, as well as two sub-game modes: capture the flag and a faster paced deathmatch mode.


  • Smash – a Super Smash Bros. clone, complete with ranked matchmaking, items, and perks.


  • Annihilation – defend your nexus and storm your opponent’s in this mode that is essentially a MOBA.  Up to four teams can play, and there are 30 classes at the moment including Archer, Lumberjack, Tinkerer, and Pyro.


  • Ghostcraft – play nine versus one in this mostly co-operative game mode.  One player is the ghost, who is extremely powerful and almost completely invisible, while the other nine players attempt to survive and bring about its demise.


  • Shotbow Games – Hunger Games rebranded for the server.  Start with a kit based on your class, grab some items at the Feast (if you want to risk it), and try to be the last one standing!


  • Last Man Standing – this mode is a spinoff of MineZ in which players must survive as long as possible.  The last player to live is declared the winner.  What makes this unique from MineZ is that only one bottle of water is given to each player, and thirst depletes more rapidly as time goes on.  Players must decide whether each other or the camps of zombies are more dangerous:


  • Hardcore Factions (HCF) – this is a hardcore pvp game mode in which players will be temporarily banned if they die.  Classes, factions, an economy, and danger at every corner await you in HCF.


  • Vadact Creative – a restricted building game mode where players can buy plots in exchange for XP.  If your creation is really good, admins will review it and add it to the game world.


  • Death By Void (DBV) – this is an obstacle course / parkour game mode that allows double jumping.  Some basic elements make it interesting, like TNT Hazards.  The level is randomly generated every day.


  • Crafty Bomber – Bomberman in Minecraft!  Bombs, powerups, and chaos – this game mode is loads of fast paced fun.  It can even be played in a zoomed out birds-eye view.


  • Lightbikes – if you’ve seen Tron, you are already excited for this.  Lightbikes is a game mode that stays true to the movie; you ride high-speed motorbikes around in an arena (called The Grid) which leave trails of solid light behind.  You must force your enemy to crash into one of these walls in order to win.  You can unlock powerups by playing the game.


  • Crafting Mama – a Minecraft spinoff of Cooking Mama.  In this mode, you must gather ingredients for recipes from across the map and bring them back to your kitchen to craft the required items.  Crafted items must be placed in your Ender Chest to count towards your score.  There is a time limit of five minutes.


  • Hidden in Plain Sight – last but not least, this game mode is another last man standing type with one twist – all players and NPCs look like zombies with the same walking speed and no discernible characteristics.  Only players can take damage, which is one of the few tell-tale ways to figure out who needs to be eliminated.


Shotbow is a pretty diverse server.  You can see all of these game modes and stay up to date on what is happening with the server by visiting  Which of its game modes are your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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