Shark (Pixel Art) Skin

The renowned skinner Kefka has once again graced us with a fantastic skin.  This time, it is a shark based on the famous pixel art of Blick.




First, let us take a look at the source material used by Kefka.  This image was created about ten years ago (in 2004) and has definitely seen its way around the internet:




In terms of accuracy, Kefka’s skin is pretty close.  There are obviously some elements which cannot be replicated with exact detail (such as the fins), but his improvisation gets the point across perfectly fine.


From an objective point of view, this skin’s shading and detail is also done well.  Only two major problems exist, one of which was pointed out by PlanetMinecraft moderator kvSketch:


  1. The skin shows yellow highlights on the teeth.  While it is true that the source material has yellow highlights, this is an issue of environmental lighting, which changes in Minecraft.  The artist even neglected the orange highlights for this purpose.  It is a slight oversight.

  2. The teeth, while great-looking up close, do not look nearly as menacing from far away.  Minecraft’s model is partly at fault for this due to not having enough size, but the improvisation here could use some work.


Otherwise, I must say that I love this skin.  I give it nine out of ten limbs claimed from shark accidents.


Installing the Skin


For online play, skins can be installed by simply uploading the file to your profile on  Skins posted on certain websites can be uploaded directly from their page, including this one; click on the button on the right-hand side labeled “change my skin” to be taken directly to the appropriate page.


For offline play only, the process is similar to installing mods:


  1. Download the skin’s .png file;

  2. Hold Windows key and press R to bring up the Run… dialog, or go to Start > Run.

  3. Type %appdata% and press enter, then navigate to roaming/.minecraft/versions.

  4. Open the folder containing the version you use for offline play and view the .jar file using WinRAR.

  5. Create a backup of the meta.inf file contained inside the .jar and store it in a separate folder.

  6. Navigate within the .jar file to assets/minecraft/textures/entity.

  7. Rename the image file titled “steve” to anything else (such as steve_backup).

  8. Change the name of your skin’s .png file to steve.png and insert it here.


Remember to keep your meta.inf and original steve texture backed up somewhere just in case.


Kefka has stated interest in creating more skins based on old famous pixel art.  Are there any you would like to see?  Post links to the original pixels in the comments below!

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