Rompin’ Around Town Skin

Aside from being all-around high quality, this skin is one worth taking a look at because its inspiration is different from any other I’ve seen before.  Some skins are based on real people, while others are derived from characters from other video games – EnderCat’s Rompin’ Around Town skin was based on an outfit.




I suppose to some degree, all fan skins are based on an outfit, but this scenario is different for the fact that it is not any particular person or character’s outfit – possibly something the creator just thought looked cute while browsing.  The outfit comes from a website called ModCloth, and looks like this:




The skin stays mostly true to the dress with what resources it has – unfortunately Minecraft doesn’t support anything that could truly resemble a skirt, so EnderCat had to improvise (as many do).  Nonetheless, it is recognizable for those who have seen the outfit before.


Finally, in general terms, this skin is great.  EnderCat’s shading has just the right contrast to make the character interesting on a basic level but not overwhelming our out of place with the surrounding world.  The flower in her hair was a nice touch as well.


Installing the Skin


For online play, skins can be installed by simply uploading the file to your profile on  Skins posted on certain websites can be uploaded directly from their page, including this one; click on the button on the right-hand side labeled “change my skin” to be taken directly to the appropriate page.


For offline play only, the process is similar to installing mods:


  1. Download the skin’s .png file;

  2. Hold Windows key and press R to bring up the Run… dialog, or go to Start > Run.

  3. Type %appdata% and press enter, then navigate to roaming/.minecraft/versions.

  4. Open the folder containing the version you use for offline play and view the .jar file using WinRAR.

  5. Create a backup of the meta.inf file contained inside the .jar and store it in a separate folder.

  6. Navigate within the .jar file to assets/minecraft/textures/entity.

  7. Rename the image file titled “steve” to anything else (such as steve_backup).

  8. Change the name of your skin’s .png file to steve.png and insert it here.


Remember to keep your meta.inf and original steve texture backed up somewhere just in case.


I would be very interested in seeing more skins based off of real-life outfits.  If you can think of any or come across one during your travels, leave a link to it in the comments down below!

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