Risugami’s Mods for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Risugami is one of the Minecraft community’s most prolific modders. He is most well-known for creating modding tools like ModLoader, AudioMod, and ModLoaderMP, although those are only three of many mods that Risugami has created over the years.

Here is a complete list of all of Risugami’s mods along with a short description of what each mod adds to the game:

ModLoader 1.6

ModLoader is by far the most popular of Risugami’s mods. It’s a simple but effective mod manager that eliminates conflicts between different types of mods – particularly mods that change recipes, GUIs, smelting items, fuel, and other basic components. After installing ModLoader, players can simply drag and drop mod .zip files into the .minecraft/mods folder, making installation as easy as possible.

Light Sensor 1.6

Light Sensor has one simple job: it adds a new craftable block into the Minecraft world. This craftable block is basically a light sensor that allows players to input commands using 12 different light levels. To craft a light sensor block, arrange five redstone powders in the shape of a +, then place four iron in all of the remaining corners.

Elemental Arrows 1.6

By default, Minecraft has just one type of arrow. For players who want a deeper arrow system, Risugami has created a mod called Elemental Arrows. This mod adds weapons like explosive arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, and even egg arrows into the game. The crafting process is similar to that of normal arrows, although the tip of the arrow is replaced with an appropriate item. For example, to craft the egg arrow, place an egg where the arrow head would normally be, or to craft an explosive arrow, add gunpowder to that block. Each arrow has its own unique effects on the environment. An ice arrow will freeze water, while lighting arrows create lighting wherever they strike.

More Stackables 1.6

Instead of being limited in how many items can be stacked at a single time, the More Stackables mod allows players to stack up to 8 saddles, doors, and signs in one single stack, or to stack 4 mine carts and boats together. This makes storage easier.

Death Chest 1.6

Instead of losing items after you die, the Death Chest will create a chest next to where you died, which means players can recover all of the items they were carrying when they died. The only exception is that items stored in the crafting slot are lost, and the chest might not be able to hold all of the items that were being stored in your inventory.

AudioMod 1.6

Along with ModLoader, AudioMod is Risugami’s most popular mod. It’s essentially a modder’s utility that allows mods to add new sounds into the Minecraft world. Modders can edit existing sounds, create new sounds, or alternate which sounds play when a certain action is performed.

FloodGate 1.6

Floodgate allows players to control the flow of lava or water. It can also be used as a trap door. Gates can also be connected to a redstone power source in order to open or close the gate on command.

Spawner GUI 1.6

After installing the Spawner GUI, players encounter a special GUI whenever they click on a mob spawner. This GUI allows them to choose which types of mobs spawn from that particular spawner. Players can choose whether they want sheep, spiders, chickens, skeletons, or other mobs to spawn, for example.

Block Distortion 1.6

Block distortion is an experimental mod created by Risugami that adds a distortion effect to all 3D blocks in the game. This makes clouds look more randomized and it can cause held items to look strange. Risugami doesn’t recommend using this mod for long, as it can mess up parts of the player’s GUI.

Griefer Creepers 1.6

Creepers normally run at players and explode. With the Griefer Creepers mod, creepers will become much more dangerous. Instead of simply blowing up near players, creepers will suddenly disappear and launch 100 arrows straight into the air. These arrows are designed to be as destructive as possible. Most of the arrows will be explosive arrows, and approximately 25% will be fire arrows, which means destruction will rain down across the land.

Recipe book 1.6

If you need an easy way to store all of your recipes, then the Recipe Book mod is a must-have. It opens up an interface complete with all of the recipes in the game. To move to the next recipe on the list, simply press left-click, or press right-click to return to the previous recipe.

Shelf 1.6

Risugami’s Shelf Mod is simple but effective. It adds a shelf into the game that allows players to easily store all of their worldly possessions. From armor to food and conventional blocks, these shelves are an ideal way to show off your Minecraft tools and accomplishments.

Biosphere 1.6

Biosphere is a world generator. The created worlds are relatively small spheres, and each sphere is encased in glass. Spheres are connected to one another through special walkways. The Biosphere mod also includes a cave generator and other features, and each sphere is randomly generated with terrain, lakes, lava, gravel, sand, and other features.

Armor Stand 1.6

The Armor Stand gives players a block that will display their armor. Simply hold your armor, then right-click on the platform. The Armor Stand mod comes with a variety of skins that allow players to choose exactly how they want to display their armor.

How to install Risugami’s mods

For specific instructions and more information about Risugami’s wide selection of mods, visit Risugami’s official forum thread. That thread is updated on a regular basis, and the latest release of each one of Risugami’s mods can be found in that thread.

Fortunately, all of Risugami’s mods are installed in a similar way. Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing each mod:

Step 1) Open a run command and type in %appdata% then navigate to the .minecraft/bin folder

Step 2) Use WinRAR, 7Zip, or any other extraction program to open the Minecraft.jar folder

Step 3) Download the mod (or mods) you want from Risugami’s mods thread

Step 4) Drag and drop all of the necessary mod files into the Minecraft.jar folder

Step 5) Delete the META-INF folder which is found in the jar (or else your game will encounter a black screen)

Step 6) Start playing and enjoy!

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