RegionTimes Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.10

Minecraft worlds can be rather huge.  In fact, there was a recent story in which a man began walking through the world of Minecraft every day in an attempt to reach the edge of the world – after three years he isn’t nearly there.  So why is it that two locations, several thousands of blocks away from each other, always experience the sunrise and sunset at the same time?  It just is not realistic!


The answer is actually quite simple.  It was not programmed into the game.  Perhaps it was not seen as important.  Well – FrostedSnowman disagrees, and has graced us with RegionTimes, a Bukkit plugin that allows for custom time zones.


While I love this plugin for its simplicity and introduction of a much-needed feature, it is lacking in two small areas.

First – it requires WorldEdit.  This is minor, but nonetheless an extra component that becomes inconvenient for those who do not use WorldEdit.

Second – transitions are not smooth.  I am not entirely sure what level of effort would be required to cast a gradient light between the boundaries of two time zones, but it would certainly polish this plugin.


One way around the second limitation is by primarily using this mod to change the time when using portals or going through long caves/tunnels using powered rails (or other systems).


How to Install RegionTimes Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.10


  1. Download the latest version of the RegionTimes plugin.

  2. Place the .jar file from step 1 into your game or server’s plugins directory.

  3. Run the game or server and wait for it to fully load.

  4. Restart your Minecraft game or server, or login to your admin account and execute the /reload command.

  5. Run the server or enter a world again.  The plugin should be properly loaded.


Can you think of any other interesting implementations of this plugin?  Leave your ideas in the comments!

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