Questology Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

By nature, Minecraft is a free, open-world game. You can do whatever you want, or do absolutely nothing at all. The world is yours to explore.

Whether you build a home or go exploring, the Questology Mod wants to recognize your Minecraft achievements in the form of quest rewards.

That’s right: the Questology Mod adds a complete reward system to Minecraft. This mod is more than just your average mod: it’s a “major collaboration project build behind a team of programmers, artists, and modelers.”

The goal of the mod is to create a dynamic in-game Minecraft quest system. This quest system will add long-term goals to the game and reward players for exploring the world.

Basically, the creators of Questology want to keep players interested in the game at the beginning, middle, and end of their journeys. Instead of exploring the same tired old dungeons over and over again, players can experience a world filled with “new life and vibrance.”

So what, specifically, does all that mean?

There are four specific features added to Questology thus far, including:

-Beginning Game Adventure: During this stage, players can discover strange new artifacts throughout their world. Dungeons are littered with new blocks like “weak stone” and “weak wood” which crumble as players walk over. There are also new doors, keys, and other puzzle elements added to dungeons.

Mid Game Research: After discovering the basics of Questology, players must now “advance your capabilities in strange and magical ways.” So far, the mod’s creators have not explained what, exactly, that means.

End Game MagicTech: After mastering the world, players now discover a far deeper magic lurking in every part of their adventure. They must learn to harness and control this magic in order to truly conquer the world around them.

Music features: Questology also adds new music to the game designed to fit the mood. If you’re exploring a dungeon, for example, you might hear creepy music. The goal is to “try and play the perfect song for the situation you are in.”

This mod is currently in progress and being built by a talented team of developers. We’ll see what the final build copy looks like, but at this point, Questology looks like quite the ambitious project!

How to install the Questology Mod for Minecraft

This mod is currently a work in progress. There is no public download release for Questology as of January 1, 2014. The mod was first announced in March 2013, which means a release should be coming in the very near future.

In the infamous words of Blizzard, the developers of Questology have promised to release the mod “when it is done.” Stay tuned to for the latest Questology news and updates as we get closer to release.

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