PortalGun Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.10

If you are a Portal fan or simply want to be able to teleport, today is your lucky day.  User Techdoodle’s PortalGun plugin adds the (in)famous utility weapon to the Minecraft arsenal – and it is fully operational!




For anyone who is unfamiliar, the mechanics of the Portal gun are simple: left click an area to form an orange portal, and right click anywhere else to make a blue one.  Going through the orange brings you out wherever the blue is placed.  Only one portal of each color can be placed by each gun at one time.


With that said – multiple players can use portal guns at the same time, with each providing a unique path between its portals.  So what are some uses of these guns, with that in mind?


  • More efficient mining – simply place a portal in your home and bring the gun with you.  When you get a stack of iron, need food, or break a tool, simply fire off a portal and begin smelting or get what you need.  Then, return and keep mining!

  • Safety precaution when fighting difficult enemies – battling the Wither and about to die?  Especially if your reflexes are quick enough, you could potentially avoid certain death during combat by simply dropping a portal and going to a safe place.

  • Never burn to death again – keep a portal in a safe room, preferably surrounded by obsidian (explosion proof).  This room should contain a pool of water to jump in if you are on fire, and perhaps a chest full of emergency equipment.

  • Make building much, MUCH easier – creating an epic structure in survival mode?  With the portal gun you could, for example, get to the top of your enormous tower in just a couple of clicks.


Currently this gun can only be given via the /pg command.  Hopefully in the future it will be given a crafting recipe – but for now, this is certainly good enough.


How to Install PortalGun Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.10


  1. Download the latest version of the PortalGun plugin.

  2. Place the .jar file from step 1 into your game or server’s plugins directory.

  3. Run the game or server and wait for it to fully load.

  4. Restart your Minecraft game or server, or login to your admin account and execute the /reload command.

  5. Run the server or enter a world again.  The plugin should be properly loaded.


The Portal gun is obviously extremely useful, but can you think of any particularly creative uses for it?  Leave your ideas in the comments below.  Also – someone needs to take this gun and make a full scale Minecraft Portal experience!

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