Player Info Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.9

If you are looking for a simple plugin to enhance the multiplayer experience of your server, look no further.  This Player Info plugin by mjhurtado1 allows players to set and view a variety of variables, somewhat like an in-game profile.




Most multiplayer games have an actual profile or at least the option to see some information about another player.  By default Minecraft does not, and this greatly limits interactivity amongst players.


With this plugin, players can set information using the /setinfo <type> <text> which can then be viewed by other players by typing /getinfo <playername>.  This provides a simple way to share contact details and other information with everyone.


Currently, the following information can be set:


  • skype – your Skype ID.

  • steam – your screen name for Steam.

  • pmc – your account name for Planet Minecraft.

  • skills – abilities you have, such as skinning or coding mods.  Does not have to be Minecraft related, but this could be useful for networking with other players.

  • gamemode – your preferred mode of gameplay.


More features could possibly be added in the future, but for now, that’s it!  Add this simple plugin to your server to make connecting with each other easier for players.


How to Install Player Info Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.9


  1. Download the latest version of the Player Info plugin.

  2. Place the .zip file from step 1 into your server’s plugins directory.

  3. Run the server and wait for it to fully load.

  4. Restart your Minecraft server or login to your admin account and execute the /reload command.

  5. Run the server again.  The plugin should be properly loaded.


What other pieces of information do you think should be added to this plugin?  Leave your suggestions in the comments, and stay tuned for more awesome plugins!

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