Photoreal Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

The Photoreal mod made by the creator of such famous mods as the Portal Gun Mod, Gravity Gun Mod, and Trail Mix Mod, is a mod unlike any other mods. The mod adds a black camera to the game under the miscellaneous section that is simply titled “Camera”. Don’t be fooled though by its simplicity. This is no ordinary camera. This is the Photoreal camera.

The Photoreal cameras acts as a sort of trap toy. It seems like one of those things that would be used in a classic acme arsenal. What the camera does is produce a photograph of whatever you are looking at, and then it displays it in front of you for yourself and everyone else to see. This is rather difficult to explain. Imagine that you can take a still image and then hang it up right where it was taken. I know, it’s hard to imagine but not impossible.

This mod is based on a Youtube video by CorridorDigital that functions the same way as in the game. I highly recommend watching it by clicking HERE! In the video, the Photoreal camera is used to thwart a police officer off an otherwise private property. It is entertaining and I highly recommend watching his other videos as well.

There is no way to craft this camera yet. Currently the only way to get it is to find it in a mineshaft. The spawn is extremely rare, however this can be tweaked in the settings menu by pressing “o”. Other interchangeable settings include:

  • Camera PoV Update Frequency,
  • Camera Rarity
  • Camera Recharge Rate
  • Photoreal Duration
  • Item ID

I see no real practical purpose in this mod yet as it is still in development. The mod is pretty cool though and well worth a look at. Be sure to watch for other mods by this mods developer, iChun on his blog at



First, download the file by clicking on “installer”. Pass through and download the file.

Open the file and click “Install client”.

Click “Next” and it should say “Successfully installed Forge build xxxxx”. This will create a profile called “Forge” in the launcher. Click on that to log in and begin playing. Let the green bar at the bottom fill first, then Minecraft Forge should launch.

iChun Util

Download the latest version of the iChun Util mod here

Drop the zip file into your .minecraft\mods folder

Photoreal Mod

Download the latest version of the iChun Photoreal mod here

Drop the zip file into your .minecraft\mods folder.

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