Pastel Melody Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10

Minecraft’s environment is inherently dark and somber, for the most part.  There are a few areas of each world that may appear lighthearted and friendly, but in general danger and doom lurks around every corner.  Not so with Grunge’s Pastel Melody texture pack!




Okay – to be fair, danger and doom is still everywhere.  The only difference is that instead of being blown up by a creeper while running for your life through a spooky forest, you will be blown up by a creeper while already dying from a cuteness overload as you stare at this adorable cactus:




See what I mean?  I have reviewed many packs in the past that could be considered “cute” or “fluffy” but none can hold a plushie candle to the excellence that is Pastel Melody.  The glowy pink cuteness in this pack is overwhelming (figuratively!):




Now, if you are like me, too much of one color IS overwhelming.  But in Pastel Melody there is still some sufficient contrast:




Suffice to say, nonetheless, that the goal of this pack is to be relatively low contrast.  Pastel color palettes are, in general, easier on the eyes and more relaxing than others.  They convey a soft and gentle feeling that is in stark contrast (see what I did there?) to vanilla Minecraft’s aesthetic.


Grunge has stated that this pack is still not yet finished.  From the looks of things, the creator intends to add animated textures, more content in general, and overall polishing up to make this pack even more amazing.


Quality like this is what makes Minecraft a game worth customizing.  I award Grunge ten out of ten adorable cacti.


Seriously though – that cactus is the cutest thing I have seen all day.


Installing Pastel Melody Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10


  1. Download the latest version of the texture pack here.

  2. Load Minecraft.

  3. Click on Texture Packs (or Options > Texture Packs).

  4. Click Open Texture Pack Folder OR press WindowsKey+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft\texturepacks

  5. Place the texture pack in this folder and wait until it shows up in your client.

  6. Select the texture pack and click done.


This pack will obviously not be for everyone.  The color scheme alone would be enough to drive many away.  How do you feel about it and why?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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