Paradox Map for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Paradox adds a storytelling element to the Minecraft world. Instead of simply giving users a freeform map that they can play with, the Paradox map throws users into the middle of a dangerous situation involving time travel, prison breaks, and all sorts of other surprises.

After loading the map, visitors realize that they have been framed for a crime that they did not commit. A team of officers called the “Chronopolice” have charged the player with changing the past using time travel. Players are immediately thrown into prison for their actions.

Instead of simply spending the remaining days of life in a prison cell, players must attempt to break out of the prison. That’s when the adventure truly starts to get underway. Paradox takes players on an adventure through desert landscapes, massive underground cities, and plenty of other fun and unique environments.

The style of the map is very unique. It’s a different map than anything the Minecraft community has experienced before, and part of the thrill of Paradox 1.6 is simply experiencing the world around you. The map combines futuristic elements with massive underground structures and all sorts of other surprises. Instead of spoiling the map’s various surprises here, players will have to experience it for themselves.

As with any maps, the creator has outlined some rules that aim to make the map as interesting as possible. Here are the rules that players need to follow if they want to enjoy the map the way it was meant to be enjoyed:

-Only break white wool blocks

-Do not place wool blocks anywhere

-Play on ‘Peaceful’ difficulty

-Burn wool with flint and tinder

-Aside from white wool blocks, only break things that you have placed yourself

-Don’t cheat

There is also a rudimentary score-keeping system in the Paradox map. Gold ingots are scattered throughout the map, and players can add up their total number of gold ingots at the end to determine their score.

For a map filled with puzzles, unique sites, and all sorts of other interesting creations, download Paradox today!

How to install Paradox Map for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download Paradox from this Paradox download link

Step 2) Extract the files from the Paradox map file

Step 3) Rename the map as world 1 in order to replace the default world 1 slot in Minecraft.

Step 4) Navigate to the .minecraft/saves folder (found by typing %appdata% into a Windows run command)

Step 5) Drag and drop the Paradox map into this folder

Step 6) Start playing and enjoy!

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