Pam’s Mods for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Pam’s Mods is a collection of some of the best farming mods in Minecraft. All of the mods have been designed to work flawlessly together in order to ensure that players have the smoothest possible farming experience in the Minecraft world.

So what exactly do Pam’s Mods do? Well, here is a complete list of the mods supported by Pam’s Mods:

Harvest Craft: HarvestCraft adds 30 new crops into the Minecraft world as well as 200 new types of foods. It provides depth and realism to Minecraft’s farming system, and players can create an entire farm using the tools in HarvestCraft alone. HarvestCraft adds a butter churn, fishing options, fruit trees, berry bushes, and so much more into the game.

Simple HarvestCraft: This is a simpler version of HarvestCraft. Simple HarvestCraft and HarvestCraft cannot be used together, and Simple HarvestCraft is designed to be closer to vanilla Minecraft’s agricultural system. It only adds 6 new crops into the game instead of 30, and it’s much simpler to use.

HearthCraft: This mod adds 300 new blocks into the game, including fences, stairs, wood, bricks, and more. Traditional Minecraft blocks have totally new textures, and many HearthCraft blocks are completely new to the Minecraft world.

EarthCraft: Tired of Minecraft’s traditional types of ore? EarthCraft adds new types of ore like tin and mithril into the game, giving players the ability to create all sorts of new tools and weapons. There are also plenty of new blocks and textures for players to uncover, and Pam’s Mods ensures that all of these block IDs get along without a problem.

DesertCraft: Instead of being restricted to farming in dirt, DesertCraft allows players to plant things into the sand. There are sixteen new plants in total, including a cactus, sandstone blocks, and glass steel tools.

There are also several smaller mods that add wax, cloth, flowers, bones, seeds, and more into the game. Put simply, Pam’s Mods has been designed to include as many farming mods as possible, and the entire collection works together efficiently to create an impressive package.

Pam’s Mods has been optimized to ensure that all of the item IDs and block IDs get along with one another. There are no conflicts or overlaps, and players can farm in peace without worrying about glitches or bugs.

Whether you want to start a melon farm or you want to create a complete farming factory, Pam’s Mods 1.6 helps players maximize the potential of their Minecraft farms. To try it out for yourself, download Pam’s Mods today!

How to install Pam’s Mods for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

Step 1) Download Minecraft Forge. After the latest update, the mod’s creator recommends not installing ModLoader, since it can mess up Minecraft Forge.

Step 2) Download the latest version of Pam’s Mods from the Pam’s Mods website

Step 3) Install any of the mods you wish to install from the list in this forum thread. Simply drag any mod .zip files into the .minecraft/mods folder to install them

Step 4) Once you’ve completed dragging all mod folders into the /mods folder, you can install Pam’s Mods by dragging the /pam/ folder into any one of the mod’s .zip files

Step 5) Make sure you only drag the /pam/ folder into one .zip file, and don’t put multiple /pam/ folders in every .zip file

Step 6) Start playing Minecraft

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