PackerHD Texture Pack Manager

While Minecraft does have a certain technological charm to it thanks to the necessity of manually replacing files to install extra content, it can become a bit cumbersome.  I have reviewed a few mod managers, and even mod pack creators, but today I bring you a blissfully simple and effective texture pack installer by the user Scarenation.  Allow me to present: PackerHD.




This program is useful for anyone who has a large number of texture packs installed, likes to experiment with new packs regularly, or simply wants a visual representation of their downloaded packs in one convenient place.  The GUI is quite simple and self explanatory:




Right clicking on any pack in the list will allow you to see information, delete the pack, export it (to easily share with friends), or edit its listing:




The edit dialog simply allows you to rename the pack and change its descriptive text.  This is useful if you remember a pack by specific information, such as the name of the world that it is used for.


Installing packs with this program is as simple as dragging the file onto the program.  Seriously – that’s it.  Download the pack you want, drag and drop it into the open window, click to confirm, and it’s done!  Gone are the days of navigating to your .minecraft folder in %appdata%.


Since switching texture packs is done in-game, this program is more for convenience than anything.  It is particularly great for someone like me, who regularly downloads, installs, and deletes texture packs.


The Good, The Bad, and The Suggested


What I like about this program:

  • It is extremely simple.  No hassle, no readme even necessary, no confusing design.

  • It is well crafted.  No glitches so far from what I have seen.

  • It is convenient.  Definitely saves me time.


What I don’t like about this program:

  • Almost TOO simple in some cases – for example, not much information is given for each pack.

  • Not sure if I like the idea of having a separate program for all of my installation/managing needs.


My suggestions/what I would like to see in the future:

  • More information available – show us file sizes, resolution(s), versions, date of install, etc.  The more the better, with options to toggle on/off of course.

  • More organization available – give us folders and tags!

  • If possible, perhaps a sneak peak module – don’t know what kind of programming this would require, but maybe provide a 3D popup window with some of the block textures applied to actual 3D models.


Visit the PackerHD PlanetMinecraft page to download this program, then leave your thoughts on it and thoughts for improvement in the comments below!  Be sure to leave some feedback on the PMC page as well!

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