Nether Ores Mod 1.6 for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.7.2/1.7.4/1.7.5

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Do you hate exploring the nether? Do you find it pointless and unproductive? Thanks to the Nether Ores mod by TehKrush, the nether becomes an interesting place filled with incentives. The mod adds above-ground ores into the nether, which means all of your favorite ores like coal, diamond, and gold will now spawn underground.

Here is a complete list of the ores that have been added into the nether:









With all of these ores now spawning underground, exploring the nether turns into a fun and lucrative experience. These ores are just waiting for you to mine them and bring them to the surface.

However, there are several challenges that make your nether exploration a dangerous adventure, including:

-Zombie pigmen: Zombie pigmen live in the nether, and they don’t like it when players steal their precious ores and minerals. Try to avoid these pigmen as they will attack you on sight.

-Lava pools: Lava is a constant danger in the nether. Make sure you don’t take the wrong turn off a cliff and fall to your death in a pool of lava.

-Randomly exploding ore: All of these ores have been locked underground for a long time, and that means they are dangerously unstable. Some of these ores will explode or spontaneously combust when they’re exposed to air, and others will explode in your face when you start mining them. Be careful down there!

Ultimately, the Nether Ores mod gives players a strong incentive to explore the nether. If you know how to avoid the challenges, there are plenty of lucrative mining opportunities to be found deep below the earth.

How to Install Nether Ores Mod 1.6

Step 1) Download and install ModLoader and ModLoaderMP

Step 2) Download Nether Ores 1.6 here

Step 3) Open the Minecraft.jar by searching for %appdata% in Windows

Step 4) Copy all the files from the Nether Ores .zip folder into the.jar folder

Step 5) Delete Meta-Inf (this file will only appear on recently updated versions of Minecraft with no mods installed)

Step 6) Start playing!

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