Mutated Wasp Skin

The Underground Creatures Skin Contest resulted in some seriously creepy skins.  One of my favorites was the Mutated Wasp by agapl00 – eerily similar to the other skin I reviewed from this contest, Cinyphis, the Hideous.  Agapl00 is decently well known for producing a large volume of high quality female skins.  She recently hit her hundredth skin and is well on her way to 200 already.




According to a charming screenshot comic posted on the skin’s Planet Minecraft page, the Mutated Wasp was created through the carelessness of what appears to be Noob Steve from the Noob Mod.  There is some awesome cross-referencing going on here!


Before I proceed I’d like to take a moment to mention that I really love when developers give their skins some backstory.  It brings them to life, and makes skinning more than just slapping some pixels on a model.


Moving on: the shading and detail on this Mutated Wasp is awesome.  Agapl00’s experience in skinning really shows through.  I particularly love the wings – notably done better than the wings on Cinyphis, the Hideous, whom I criticized for extending the wings down to the feet.  The face is also awesome – those eyes really look like they are bulging out of his head!


One thing I do not like about this skin is its brightness.  It is very vibrant and glowing.  This looks pretty awesome and works well for the skin itself, but when inserted into the Minecraft world it is kind of out of place.  Nonetheless, a thousand high-fives for agapl00 – excellent skin!


Installing the Skin


For online play, skins can be installed by simply uploading the file to your profile on  Skins posted on certain websites can be uploaded directly from their page, including this one; click on the button on the right-hand side labeled “change my skin” to be taken directly to the appropriate page.


For offline play only, the process is similar to installing mods:


  1. Download the skin’s .png file;

  2. Hold Windows key and press R to bring up the Run… dialog, or go to Start > Run.

  3. Type %appdata% and press enter, then navigate to roaming/.minecraft/versions.

  4. Open the folder containing the version you use for offline play and view the .jar file using WinRAR.

  5. Create a backup of the meta.inf file contained inside the .jar and store it in a separate folder.

  6. Navigate within the .jar file to assets/minecraft/textures/entity.

  7. Rename the image file titled “steve” to anything else (such as steve_backup).

  8. Change the name of your skin’s .png file to steve.png and insert it here.


Always keep any files that will be affected by a skin or mod backed up, just in case anything goes wrong.


Now that the Underground Creature Skin Contest is over, what is your favorite entry?  Discuss in the comments below!

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