Moray Winter Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8

Though fairly old (over a year), this seasonal resource pack is fantastically well-done.  Moray Winter is part of a series of packs based on a medieval theme, varied to fit each season.  School is about to start again, and winter will be here before you know it – prepare ahead and check out esmirff’s pack in advance!




Some elements, such as the cobblestone, have been retextured to look more like authentic medieval versions of themselves.  The round stone patterns seen above would have been found quite often in this era.  Snow and icicles drip from nearly every surface:




Even this door (which by the way looks incredible by itself) has some snowdrift blown up its base and a bit of tracked snow underneath.  Judging from the selective placement of the snow on the cobblestone, I’d assume that this resource pack also has an algorithm to place snow in areas where it makes sense.


Easily one of the best parts of using this pack is the ability to create Skyrim-esque snowy mountain fortresses.  This screenshot, with some icy glowstone lanterns, gives me that exact sensation:




And lastly for blocks, the plants are shown as they should be in the winter – in a declining state of health:




The information in the main post for this pack is somewhat outdated, as it is being updated on a regular basis (several times a month, in fact).  For example, one of the recent updates is the retexturing of wolves:




Quite impressive activity for such an old pack!  I cannot wait to see how amazing this looks by Christmas.  I will definitely be using it myself.


Installing Moray Winter Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8


  1. Download the latest version of the resource pack here.

  2. Press WindowsKey+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks

  3. Unzip the file if it was zipped.

  4. Place the resource pack in this folder.

  5. In Minecraft, go to Options > Resource Packs and select your pack.


Feel free to check out the other packs in this series as well.  What are your favorite changes made with this resource pack?  Personally, I just love the icicles and snow everywhere!  Leave your answer in the comments below.

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