Mojang Scrolls Goes Live! Minecrafters Get Free Cape!

Mojang’s second game has been released in public last December 11, 2014!

Scrolls is a unique multiplayer strategy game with a gameplay comparable to a trading card battle game. Thus the game is under the genre CCG and boardgame as well.

In this game, you will fight your opponent using the spells, items and skill you have in your collection of scrolls and outsmart and outmaneuver them in order to win.

Players will have to build a strong deck that is composed of powerful scrolls and scrolls that work great together. Scrolls include monsters, heroes, warriors, spells, structures, siege weapons, and a bunch of others that you can deploy on the board (battlefield) for a turn-based strategic fighting.

Aside from the multiplayer game mode, Scrolls also have singleplayer skirmishes and challenges known as Trials.

If you want to see the game in action, you may watch the video below.


To commemorate the event, Mojang has given every single Minecraft players with a free cape! The capes given have the Scrolls icon on them, and they are wearable by any players for a limited time.



These capes are only available for only 2 days before vanishing (from December 11 to December 13 of 2014) – the capes are both to celebrate the launch of the game and to promote the Scrolls game through in-game marketing. What’s more effective than hanging ads at the back of millions of players right?

If the cape ruins your fashion style, you can always remove it (others won’t see it too when removed).┬áTo remove the cape, you can go to your setting, and remove the cape under the skin options.

I personally like having the cape around. It is unfortunate that the free capes only lasts for 2 days.


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