Modern Craft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.8

For anyone interested in high definition textures, Modern Craft HD is easily one of the best choices around.  Installing this pack will transform Minecraft into a completely different world.




Assassin794, the creator of this pack, is no stranger to the texture pack scene – in fact, this texture pack has made the rounds before.  In its original debut it pulled in more than 300,000 downloads.  He has chosen to revive it by re uploading it to some of the 15+ sites it first appeared on, fixing many bugs and adding new content at a steady rate.


The most impressive graphical overhaul (in my opinion) lies in some of the more basic building blocks.  Wooden planks and glass windows, for example, look absolutely phenomenal:




In the above screenshot, the “railing” is actually made up of the new glass windows.  Texture packs afford players new and interesting building options in this way, making certain blocks much more versatile.  Here is another building view:




The lighting looks incredible, but also notice the fantastic detail in the tree bark, cobblestone walkway, and steps.  Most players neglect to use cobblestone for the majority of their aesthetic building projects, unless it is some kind of dungeon or uncivilized area.  With this, the cobblestone has a much more pleasing texture.


Although the rest of it is quite beautiful, I do have one gripe about this texture pack – the treetops.  Everything else is impressively and accurately upgraded from its pixelated origin, yet the trees seem more like bushes to me:




Trees aside, this is a great texture pack for anyone who is looking for a visual update to high definition.  Unlike many releases which drastically change the look and feel of the game, this pack simply builds upon what Minecraft already has to offer.


Installing Modern Craft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.8


  1. Download the latest version of the texture pack here.

  2. Load Minecraft.

  3. Click on Texture Packs (or Options > Texture Packs).

  4. Click Open Texture Pack Folder OR press WindowsKey+R and type %appdata%\.minecraft\texturepacks

  5. Place the texture pack in this folder and wait until it shows up in your client.

  6. Select the texture pack and click done.


Among the player community, some players argue that high definition destroys the beauty of the game, while others argue that changing the theme damages the intended experience.  What are your thoughts on this?  Leave them in a comment below!

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