MiniCraft Launcher

If you haven’t heard of MiniCraft, then it’s a 2D version of Minecraft released by Notch at the end of 2011. MiniCraft is perfect for smartphones, older computers, and tablets that have trouble running vanilla Minecraft, and it offers a unique experience for those who want to try something new.

Since MiniCraft was created in 48 hours (Notch created it as part of the Ludum Dare competition), it’s a little rough around the edges. MiniCraft doesn’t include a full menu system, and it’s not a very deep game at all. Players harvest ore from various islands while grinding through levels. It’s not as free-form as Minecraft, although the two games are similar in terms of game mechanics.

Fortunately, one Minecraft modder decided to expand the usefulness of MiniCraft with the MiniCraft Launcher. The MiniCraft Launcher tool makes MiniCraft much easier to play. It adds several useful functions into the MiniCraft world, including the ability to take screenshots and pause the game whenever you want. Players can also reset the game with the click of a button.

The MiniCraft Launcher is a small self-contained file that includes everything players need to play MiniCraft. Players can easily put it on a USB stick to run Minecraft anywhere they want. Some people have brought MiniCraft to school with them, for example.

If you want to try out MiniCraft and see what Notch created in just 48 hours, then the MiniCraft Launcher is the easiest way to do that. Download it today to see what you’ve been missing!

How to install MiniCraft Launcher

Step 1) Download the tool from its official forum thread

Step 2) Open the downloaded file and start playing MiniCraft – that’s it!

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