Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Users Will Receive Three New Texture Packs

There are lots of important advantages to having Minecraft on PC. You can install Minecraft mods and textures packs to your heart’s content, and you get to enjoy the latest and greatest versions of the game.

Unfortunately, Xbox 360 Minecraft players aren’t always as lucky. But they do get to play with their Xbox Live friends and enjoy smooth gameplay – which is great if you don’t have a top of the line PC. And now, Xbox 360 players get to enjoy at least one of the advantages enjoyed by PC players: texture packs.

That’s right: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition players will now get to enjoy three new Minecraft texture packs. That’s along with a Mass Effect-style Texture Pack that was announced at the start of September.

Here are three three new texture packs:

-Plastic Texture Pack

-Natural Texture Pack

-Medieval Texture Pack

How much will the texture packs cost?

Like everything on the Xbox 360, the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition texture packs will cost money. However, they will cost less than the Mass Effect texture pack, which costs $4.99.

Our guess? $2.99 each.

Will Xbox 360 players ever get PC texture packs?

There are lots of good texture packs for the PC version of Minecraft. Many of these texture packs have completely changed the appearance of the game, while other texture packs subtly boost the graphics quality using 64×64 textures or higher.

So will Xbox 360 players ever get to enjoy these texture packs? It’s not likely. At Microsoft’s official Xbox Live Arcade games website, PlayXBLA.com, Microsoft emphasized some of the difficulties the developers face when porting PC texture packs over to the Xbox. In other words, don’t hold your breath for popular texture packs like JohnSmith, Glimmar’s SteamPunk, Dokucraft, or Sphax PureBDCraft to be arriving on Xbox 360 any time soon.

Too long, didn’t read?

Xbox 360 Minecraft players will receive a Plastic Texture Pack, Natural Texture Pack, and Medieval Texture Pack later this month at a cost that should be around $2.99

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