Minecraft Weekly News, 19/08/2012

Decorations are a yes!

This week Jeb tweeted that he is working on some new decoration blocks for 1.6, he tweeted this on the 16th of August:

Jens Bergensten @jeb_

“In addition to @Dinnerbone’s  love mugs, we’ve added another old decoration suggestion” http://i.imgur.com/g7tDq.png

The image shows a new block/blocks called half slabs. These look handy for decorating the side of castle walls and the guard walk.

Also, there are hints of jeb possibly adding a original mod, called Item Frames, made by Nathan Adams. You can place any item in these and it will display it, even a map, with the actual map showing!

In other news…

Jeb has added a Invisibility potion for the weekly snapshot, not releasing until this Thursday. Now if you happen to lose everything except for a few potions you can drink this and run through the wild, away from your shame.  Or kill unsuspecting people who hopefully have their particles turned off.

There is no snapshot for this week, but hey, thats more goodies to rumble through when it is released on Thursday. Including dyed leather armor.

Xbox News

The Xbox version of Minecraft now has several new skin packs, and the upcoming pack features the main character from Spelunky.

And that is about it for this weeks news, I’m Potential, signing off.

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