Minecraft Super Flat World in Consoles

Earlier this week, 4J sited that Mojang is working on adding super flat world generation option for Minecraft consoles.

You heard it right, consoles players always wanted to have a superflat world – and soon they can. Yes, flat maps have been around for years, but superflat maps are different. With this players can customize the flat world with block types, depth, layering, and even features like generated towns, lakes, trees, and more.

As time passes, it seems that console versions of Minecraft and even the pocket version is slowly catching up to its PC brethren. Over the past few years, many PC features have been added to the console versions with additional exclusive features. Although the official date hasn’t been announced yet, super flat world would indeed come to the console soon.

Community Creations

Of course the week isn’t complete without the marvelous creations of the community.

Do you remember the minecraft villager Youtube shorts created by ElementAnimation? Well they are still creating a few! And their latest addition features a dentist. Check this hilarious video that only lasts 39 seconds.


Well this one isn’t exactly a work from the community but “for” the community. Curse created a hilarious Valentine’s day video featuring a little Speed dating with different kinds of gamers from retro, and FPS, to moba and massive multiplayer online players.



Created right before Valentine’s day is a new map fromm Lux2000 called Lux Parkour! This mini game parkour map has a total of 4 challenges each more challenging than the last. Each of the four challenges has a different theme, has a different name, and a very different overall challenge making it feel like you’ve downloaded 4 different parkour maps!


This wonderful creation can be found here.

So how was your date last Valentine’s day?


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