Minecraft Snapshots 12w34a and 12w34b!

Well guys, a consecutive  two weeks have gone by without me posting, I’m sorry. But i’m back, and here to inform you of the 2 new snapshots that have been released in my absence.

Snapshot 12w34a

Night Vision potion is now available for brewing, made with golden carrots and a awkward potion, and with the Night Vision potion, you can brew the invisibility potion with a fermented spider eye. ‘

If you are killing mobs aggressively, the amount of exp you get diminishes as you go. In other words, mob grinders are slightly less effective.

Fire will spread more or less agressively based on your difficulty, so if you miss the correct landing spot for lava in a wood structure… you are screwed on any difficulty.

You can now die leather armor, so you can play PvP type games based on team colors. Or make a clan color,uniform, uniforms, and whatnot else.

Flower pots, cobblestone wall, and mossy cobblestone wall. Jeb, i think you are turning Minecraft into terraria with all this stuff. But thanks anyway, now we have excess decoration blocks to make our houses pretty.

You can now explore beyond the edges of your world, with a map, and the center of the map will not appear until you right click with the map in hand and you can zoom out of the map. This is really nifty in my opinion, because you can have different maps for different areas. Yet again, good for Faction servers.

All entities, player or not, can now travel portals. You may need to lock down your portals now so your nether base isnt raped.

A tamed dog’s collar can be dyed, just like leather armor.

Snapshot 12w34b

Zombies, skeletons, and zombie pigmen will occasionally have the ability to pick up a item laying on the ground.  If this does happen, a skeleton would lose it’s bow, and a pigman it’s sword.

You can now get flaming arrows, sortof. When you shoot a arrow through a fire entity, it will catch the arrow on fire. The only real thing you can do with this is ignite TNT. This is another fun thing to do with adventure maps. Or just TNT mining.

You can now acquire wood buttons as well as stone, and the crafting recipe for this has changed.  Instead of 2 wood/stone blocks, it now only requires one.

To come in later snapshots…

In next weeks snapshot, there will be a new decoration block, mob head displaying apparently?

Jeb released this picture on twitter, showing the heads of skeletons being displayed in a stone brick wall, making me happy that I will be able to mount the heads of my foes on my walls! Rooms and rooms and rooms of creeper heads…. ME GUSTA.


Not much else than that, this is Potential, signing off.

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