Minecraft Snapshot 13w43a Released!

The latest Minecraft snapshot has been released. Minecraft snapshot 13w43a was released on October 21, 2013 and features a number of smaller changes to Minecraft.

You can download snapshot 13w43a from the official Mojang website, where there’s a Windows .exe file as well as a cross-platform .jar file for your enjoyment.

This latest snapshot includes the following changes:

-Improved support for Minecraft Realms

-Cauldrons with water in them are now more interactive and will put out burning entities at the expense of some of the water in the cauldron

-Added an option to force Unicode on the language selection screen

-There are two new types of saplings, both of which also have new wooden logs and leaf types. Those two new saplings are Roofed Oak trees and Acacia trees. They can be planted in flower pots.

-Roofed Oak trees will need to be planted in a 2×2 grid and looks similar to Spruce Wood. Acacia Wood features a unique dark and reddish coloring suited to jungle biomes.

-New puffer fish texture

-Fixed dozens of bugs (as usual), including:

-Fixed a glitch where axes would break slabs faster

-Fixed boats being un-steerable using left and right arrow keys

-Fixed German characters like umlauts and ß not being correctly centered on signs

-Splash potions now make a breaking sound instead of just a throwing sound

If you don’t like the new tree textures, then don’t worry: many Minecraft players believe that the new tree textures are both placeholders for now and that they will be upgraded by the time the final release is available.

Once again, you can download the latest snapshot from here. It’s an .exe file so installation is easy!

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