Minecraft Snapshot 13w19a Released, Enables Access to Donkey/Mule Inventories

Mojang recently released Snapshot 13w19a, which can be downloaded from the official Mojang website here for Mac/OSX, Windows, Linux, and whatever other platforms you play Minecraft on.

This snapshot comes with the usual mix of bug changes and minor gameplay tweaks, including:

-Added new stained hardened clay

-New and improved textures for Lapis Lazuli, Coal Black, and Charcoal

-Players now have access to donkey and mule inventories by sneaking and interacting

-Mobs spawn as groups again

-Fixed bug that caused minecarts with furnaces to consume coal in creative mode

-Fixed bug that gave players a glitch bow after using a bow for the last time

-Fixed bug that caused coal blocks to not burn away

-Fixed bug that blurred menu background textures

Once again, to download that snapshot today for the server or client version of Minecraft, click here.

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